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Do you like Nippon? by CaptainMyotis Do you like Nippon? :iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 7 3 Irish Luck by CaptainMyotis Irish Luck :iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 3 3 4 Fingers Only Make 12 by CaptainMyotis 4 Fingers Only Make 12 :iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 0 2 Deviant I.D. by CaptainMyotis Deviant I.D. :iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 1 2
Chapter 4, 5 and 6
Chapter 4
I thought slowly to myself. “Something’s not right, that explosion on the roof can’t have caused the building to explode,  it just does not make sense.” While I turned off the TV, I walked slowly into my office, and sat down by my desk. “I need to know what was on these computers…”
After thinking about it for a moment, I had to go back to the building. Once again, I put on my tights, and this time decided to go out from the roof. After super-jumping from roof to roof, of almost every building in Steel, I reached to the Vanguard office, showed my I.D. again and teleported to the Rikti War Zone.
Super-speeding my way to the building, I was trying not to get spotted by the press. I jumped through a 12 floor window. I was working my way to the 36th floor, by using the burnt, almost broken stair way. After exactly 2.34 minutes later, I reached the server, console room. The consoles where burnt, with the screens broken and the keyboards
:iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 0 0
New 'Ms. Liberty'? by CaptainMyotis New 'Ms. Liberty'? :iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 0 1 Captain Myotis -  Regen form by CaptainMyotis Captain Myotis - Regen form :iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 0 0 Asian Adrian by CaptainMyotis Asian Adrian :iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 1 1 My Grand Father by CaptainMyotis My Grand Father :iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 0 0 Great-Grand Parents by CaptainMyotis Great-Grand Parents :iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 0 3 The New Captain Myotis by CaptainMyotis The New Captain Myotis :iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 0 2 Captain Myotis - Demi by CaptainMyotis Captain Myotis - Demi :iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 0 1
Chapter 3 - A Group of Heroes
A Group of Heroes - Chapter 3
     “Ok Dirt, -I said- Trick and I are gonna move in while you two try to shut down the console.” Sooner answered “Ok Cap, just say when.” I looked around the roof for everything that can help Trick and I to fight off the Rikti. I spotted a pile of gas tanks then turned to Trick and said “Trick, see that pile of tanks over there? Do you have an explosion arrow?” “Ya Cap, and I know what you mean, sure it’s ok?” I answered “Ya, don’t worry Trick, I’ll sure it’ll work.” Trick drew his arrow, lined it up on his bow, looking down it and focused on his target.
    He fired, the arrow went though a Rikti leg first but then continued to it’s main target.
The explosion killed the Rikti, knocking them off the edge of the roof. “Cap, Cap! What’s going on up there?!?” Dirt shouted. “The Rikti here are coming up the
:iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 0 0
Chapter 2 - Ceph.
Cepheid – Chapter 2
      Cepheid was just waking up, it was only 11:35am. For him, that’s too early for him. Cepheid live in Croatoa, North of Salamanca town, in the forest of The Grim Vale. Cepheid got out of his bed, walked ten steps to his kitchen, made a cup of coffee, and sat at his hand made wooded chair and table, just drinking his coffee and looking at his small cabin.
    After his nice, smooth cup of coffee, he went outside with nothing but a towel on him, he walked too the river and bathed himself, seeing little harmless Sally swimming around. He tried to hide myself while a group of Cabel witches passed by. He then with his towel, slapped it on and walked back to his cabin to put on his tights and to get to work. His J.S. radio beeped loudly on his side-table, he picked it up and said rudely “Ya? What do you want?” his contacted answered “Morning Ceph, we have a little mission for you in Faultine, t
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Chapter 1 - C.M.
Captain Myotis – Chapter 1
      The sun ran into my apartment window, little rays hit my head and eyes… that bugged me a lot. I got up, walked over to the window and closed the blinds shout! It was 6:30am in Paragon City, I should have wakened up a bit later, I don’t like waking up at 6ish. I zipped over to the bathroom, did my morning business and then took a long warm shower.
      30 minutes later, I ran out, slapped on a towel, dried myself and zapped myself into the kitchen. I saw her sitting there, Dirtwolf, my good friend of mine, which I have know for some years now. She was helping herself to my cereal, milk and sitting at the table. “Morning, Cap!” she said in a joyful voice, “M-morning, Dirt, umm… how did you get in?” “ I Tp’d myself in.” she said, smiling right at me, drinking her orange juice, “ Well, I’ll be rea
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New Avatar: Book Fire Comic by CaptainMyotis New Avatar: Book Fire Comic :iconcaptainmyotis:CaptainMyotis 4 2


A Smooch Under the Lemur by y2jenn A Smooch Under the Lemur :icony2jenn:y2jenn 315 100 Bumi, Meet Flopsie by Booter-Freak Bumi, Meet Flopsie :iconbooter-freak:Booter-Freak 970 142 If Aang Went Evil by Booter-Freak If Aang Went Evil :iconbooter-freak:Booter-Freak 834 263 Momo Yojimbo by Booter-Freak Momo Yojimbo :iconbooter-freak:Booter-Freak 2,403 286 .+:Yoshi's Egg:+. by BlackHarpyGoddess .+:Yoshi's Egg:+. :iconblackharpygoddess:BlackHarpyGoddess 131 85 doodles4 by ink-imp doodles4 :iconink-imp:ink-imp 16 12 Christmas Gifts by ZombiDJ Christmas Gifts :iconzombidj:ZombiDJ 570 83 Broken Youth: Shinken by behindinfinity Broken Youth: Shinken :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 4,470 335 Sushi Snack by theancientofdays Sushi Snack :icontheancientofdays:theancientofdays 87 99 Bond... James Bond by Tozani Bond... James Bond :icontozani:Tozani 1,258 216 Miaw 2 by HanningCathan Miaw 2 :iconhanningcathan:HanningCathan 297 93 Kanji 2 by ZimTheHomicidal Kanji 2 :iconzimthehomicidal:ZimTheHomicidal 100 27 Kanji by ZimTheHomicidal Kanji :iconzimthehomicidal:ZimTheHomicidal 217 28 Gordon Freeman_O RLY by MCTales Gordon Freeman_O RLY :iconmctales:MCTales 6 2 Vincent Van Gordon - half life by Smaggers Vincent Van Gordon - half life :iconsmaggers:Smaggers 1,004 206



Favourite genre of music: Techo, pop, and everything
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: None
Operating System: Windows XP/ Dell
MP3 player of choice: None
Shell of choice: None
Wallpaper of choice: None
Skin of choice: White? lol
Favourite cartoon character: Anime show: Full Metal Panic? Fumafu
Personal Quote: Ya baby!
  • Listening to: Afterclub 5 - Techno
  • Reading: Books and studing
  • Watching: Balls of Steel
  • Playing: Halo 3 and nothing
  • Eating: Self cooked chicken and rice
  • Drinking: Ice Tea
- Coge el libro que tengas más cerca, ve a la página 18, escribe la línea 4:
perfección. Te agarra de las manos y te pega contra la pared gritandote

2-Si extiendes tu brazo derecho ¿Qué llegas a tocar?:
Mi computador

3-¿Qué fue lo último que viste en la tele?:
Top Designer

4-Sin mirar, ¿qué hora es?:

5-Ahora, mira, ¿Qué hora es?:
11:15, cool :P

6-Dejando a un lado el ordenador ¿Qué oyes/escuchas?:
Un bano, mi computador, y el tele.

7-¿Cuanto tiempo estuviste fuera el día en que estuviste más tiempo en la calle?: Calle: 2 horas, cuando me robaron :P, Dia: 4 horas

8-Antes de escribir esto en tu journal ¿Qué hacías?:
El titulo

9-¿Qué llevas puesto ahora?:
Sexy, sexy boxers :P!

10-¿Soñaste añoche?:
Sí, algo sobre un robot y asia

11-¿Cuanto tiempo te estuviste riendo la última vez?
No se LOL

12-¿Qué hay en las paredes del cuarto en el que estás?:
Una ventana, un poster de gatos, mi espada y mi closet

13-¿Has visto algo extraño últimamente?:
Ay si, un gato con su dueno en una tienda, todo tranquilo.

14-Qué piensas de este tag?:
Es de mi amiga, = genial

15-¿Cuál es la última película que has visto?:
Sweedny Todd

16-Si te hicieras multimillonario/a de la noche a la mañana; ¿Qué comprarías?:
Compra muchas cosas

17-Algo sobre ti...:
Soy Italiano/Irelando y Colombiano

18-Si pudieras hacer algo en el mundo, independientemente de la política,
Calientamiento Global

19-¿Te gusta bailar?:
A veces, a solo techno

20-¿Qué piensas de George bush?:
Espero que Obama gana, hahah

21-Imagina que, por reacción espontánea (xDD), tienes una niña; ¿Cómo la llamarías?: Emma, Lori, Rory

22-Imagina que, en vez de tener una niña, tienes un nene ¿Cómo lo llamarías??: Adrian, Anthony, Jose Antonio, Tony, Jake

23-¿Te gustaría vivir en el extranjero?:
Ya lo hice, lol, en Trinidad y Tobago por 13 anos.

24-¿Qué te gustaría que te dijese Dios cuando llegues al cielo?:
No creo en Dios, jaja, creo en Hinduisno (No se como lo escribes jaj)

25- Indique usted a las cinco personas a taggear:
CainDraka, jago81co, NZcolombiano, cailencrow, clickmon


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