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Me as a wolf. The life like version of my comic character; how i see myself.

05 micron pen
primacolor pencils
faber castelle pencils
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Love the pose,its vey detailed
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this is soooooo awesome :clap:

May i use the pose? i will be changing it a lot but i love the pose :giggle: ?
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of course, poses are not owned by me so no worries.
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can you make me a demon wolf plz
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Amazing...i love this..

Sorry ..I can't speak English..I from Poland
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So cool! I wish I had friends to comment on my stuff. Guess it's just not cool enough.
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That is absolutely brilliant... very well detailed...
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HI. would youmind if i used your wolf as a base? like i would draw it here at home just looking off of yours? If so, ill send you my finished project.
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Wow! Thats pretty! If thats you in wolf form you must be awesome!

Cool! :D Yes I've branded you...:S
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Found the author of this remarkable picture! Only if before admired one by this wolf, now am in a complete delight from all gallery! Delightful works!
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whats better

primacolor pencils


faber castelle pencils
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i like both, but i get best results with prismas
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love your art work!
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someone stole this from you [link]
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thanks for notification. ^^
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May I also borrow the picture? It would be perfect for a role play on another site. I write that all pictures are not made by me or my friends in the roleplay. Is that ok? Because if I write the artists name and site under each picture, it will be like an essay.....We used A LOT of pictures ^^''..
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WOW! THis is AWSOME! You LOOK AWSOME As A Wolf! Execellent Job!
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wow I love it! ^_^
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Do u mind if i edit this? I promise 2 say u are the real artist and I'll put a link back 2 this picture! Plz??
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i am not a fan of editing, but if you would really like to, i suppose it is okay.
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thank u so much!! u make me VERY happy ^^
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