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Easy Tail Coat tutorial

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Hello! This is how I went about making my Tail Coat for Zatanna as I am broke and have very little sewing experience. If you have any questions please let me know. (Also I apologize if there are any spelling errors, I can not fix them as I have no photoshop and had to make this on an online program) 

please do not repost I will post this on other sites under my online usernames, thank you!

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Thank you for sharing!
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Thank you so much for this tutorial! I also wanted to do a Zatanna cosplay and didn't know what to do for the tailcoat, as you said they're way too expensive to buy. I searched for a tutorial and come across yours. It was fast and simple to do and I'm so happy with how mine turned out! I posted a picture of it on my page and cited you and your tutorial with a link :-D Thanks again!
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This should make my Sebastian Cosplay really pop.
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Thank you so much for this! I'm doing a genderbent Zatanna cosplay and this will be so useful. 
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Oh awesome! Glad it could help! :D 
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Aha thankyousomuch for making this! I need it for a crossplay thats coming up so thanks!
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Thank you so much. Now i can do a future sebastian michealis cosplay from Black Butler! :)
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Ha your welcome! Ooh Sebastian, awesome!
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Great tutorial and your end product looks great. Also, to match fabrics, pant legs cut up can also be used as tail material as well.
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yup (I just used another blazer because it was way cheaper)
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I love coat tails!  Bless your soul for making this!
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Great I'm just about to finish a jacket with this :3
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