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OC Contest 2015 Entry: Thomas Lewisham by CaptainLardNar OC Contest 2015 Entry: Thomas Lewisham by CaptainLardNar
This is my character created for the Court Records Forums. I noticed that most people created young characters who are mostly good guys for their entries, so i decided to create someone more older and make him a villain, after a few designs i finally landed on the one you see now, the big smirk on his face was probably what convinced me the most.Well hope you enjoy my work and here's the description of the character:

Character's Name: Thomas Lewisham

Age: 48

Occupation: Artist

Brief Physical Description: a tall, slender old man with a slight hunch, he has short dark brown hair and a smirk that never goes away from his face, usually wears a fancy top hat while outside, along with a long coat and a purple fuzzy cape (Used to hide his cat Vinil from the police, after a murder, the cat left footprints on some important evidence, having only time to clean the evidence left Thomas hid the cat in the fur of his cape) he walks with a slight limp, he always carries a cane with a jewel decoration on it.

Brief Personality Description: Thomas is a very intelligent old man, calm and collected under tense situations, being quite cunning if not a bit overconfident in his strategies. He is very jolly when things go his way and he is seen often striking conversations with strangers, he as witty attitude, he enjoys making fun of young people and upperclassmen, he also enjoys painting quite a lot and can go hours if asked for his opinions on it, being very knowledgable when it comes to techniques and materials related to painting. While being among the upper class of society, he despises the upperclassmen, he considers them to be the cause of a decline in new forms of art and blames them for the suffering of aspiring artists, he can be extremely selfish, taking the life of others just to keep his wealth and status in society. His eccentric behaviour make him stick out from the other upperclassmen, he also has a soft spot for cats and owns a cat he named Vinil

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): His previous murders where investigated by Sherlock Holmes 

Brief Background: Starting as an artist from a poor family, Thomas wanted to become famous and take his family out of the lower class, however while trying to find galleries to sell his artwork many rejected his paintings or offered very small amounts for them, not being able to make a cent from his paintings, he started to copy popular paintings, perfecting his art and making near identical copies, since no one ever spotted his mistakes Thomas managed to pass his paintings as the real ones making a fortune from them, quickly he became very rich and a recognized figure in various galleries, however the locals at the galleries started becoming suspicious of his recurring appearances, scared of loosing all of his wealth Thomas decided to silence those who found mistakes in his paintings becoming a serial killer, with more than 5 victims, until the sixth one of these murders his cat Vinil followed him and messed his plan, but he managed to rearrange the situation and passed as a witness of the murder attracting the attention of a strange detective who had been following his trail.

rainbow000pegasus Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015  Student General Artist
OK, this is embarrassing. Can you send me a link of their page.
SuperAj3 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
This looks cool! Good luck with the comp! (He reminds me a bit of Megendal design wise XD)
KingofSadness Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh, so you're in the contest too? Wish you luck, man, this could be quite an interesting villain!
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