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Heart Bind
A choice to make,
                            a hand to take,
                                                     a friend to make,
:iconcaptainkoala-7:Captainkoala-7 7 12
Two Poets
Writing a poem
            with TWO people
                     is difficult.
You see,
            we have
                    conflicting ideas,
and nothing fits.
:iconcaptainkoala-7:Captainkoala-7 8 7
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This Night
Rescue me, my knight, this night
Rescue me from my heart of sin
On your snow white steed come forth this night
Rescue me from this hell I'm in
Through the window, my knight, this night
Through the window you come to me
Stealthily come in the dark, this night
Through the window to set me free
Into your arms, my knight, this night
Into your arms; I'm safe, I'm sound
Kiss my lips and hold me this night
Into your arms; here I am found

I open my eyes: no knight, not night
I open my eyes to the light of day
My eyes are opened, but my heart is closed
I open my eyes and keep the dream at bay
Waiting for my knight, this night
Waiting for the sun of day to part
With shining armor, dulled with the night
Waiting for he who holds my heart
:iconcaptainkoala-7:Captainkoala-7 6 9
Together, Alone
Is there such a thing
               as being
This silence,
     it used to be wonderful,
like a song in the night,
     existing only in my mind.
There was a pulsing,
     an electricity,
a live wire surging between us.
Call the power agency;
     the electricity's out.
But the bills haven't been paid;
     they're lying on the counter,
     and I can't bring myself to care.
Me in the bed,
     and you on the couch.
One apartment,
one rent to be paid,
one coffee machine,
and one television screen.
But there are two hearts tonight,
     two broken hearts.
:iconcaptainkoala-7:Captainkoala-7 11 7
A Match Made in Heaven
She was so wrong for him, she thought,
she couldn't get it right.
She looked into the mirror,
and she shuddered at the sight.
It's not that she wasn't pretty,
that her looks weren't up to par
Only that her heart was broken,
and her eyes like lifeless stars
Every time she saw him
he told her she was wrong
He said that she was beautiful,
that her words were like a song.
He told her all she meant to him,
he told her without regret
But her doubt in him grew bigger;
she didn't believe him yet
She looked into the mirror,
and thought of all her flaws
In terms of beauty and perfection,
she was breaking all the laws
Her boyfriend was the perfect one,
a gentleman through and through
Who held her door wide open
and meant every 'I love you'
She, however, was ugly,
because of those memories inside
The past which came back to haunt her
forcing her to run and hide
She couldn't be perfect for him,
what she could give him had been taken away
And though his arms were open to her
she thought that she cou
:iconcaptainkoala-7:Captainkoala-7 12 17
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Give a Dead Man Coffee
She wakes up in the morning three hours before the dawn
Hurries downstairs with just her night clothes on
Rubs the sleep from her eyes
to give a dead man coffee
Jumps in her car without fastening her seatbelt
Drives down the highway thirty over the limit
Got to go real fast
to give a dead man coffee
Then she spends some time digging up a grave
and wishes for the flowers that his family never gave
Sweat, tears, and blood
to give a dead man coffee
Her grandpa always told her coffee was his life
He said he loved the stuff, slightly less than his wife
He said it would always wake him up
so she gave a dead man coffee
She's just sorry
she didn't
get it to him
in time.
She's sorry that this time,
it wasn't
enough to wake
him up.
I'm sorry, Grandpa.
I hope there's plenty
of coffee
in heaven.
:iconcaptainkoala-7:Captainkoala-7 4 8

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Twilight's Beauty and the Beast 7
Edward cringed as she asked the question, requesting an answer. “I…I’m sorry. I can’t answer that right now.” He scowled a little at her determined face. “Perhaps tonight. You will be attending dinner with me, I assume?” He asked, once more changing the subject.
“Oh! Y-yes. Of course.” She gave a weak smile. Edward could tell by her thoughtful face that she wasn’t going to forget about that question. He should never have mentioned it in the first place. Anyone with half a brain would be desperate to know what was more dangerous then a snowstorm, and loathe to stay a minute longer if that was the case. Of course, Bella didn’t seem perturbed enough to leave. He silently cursed himself. If only he wasn’t so captivating to his prey. She should leave on her own, so she’d never know what he was, so he would never feel horror if he accidentally hurt her.
And why put off telling her until dinner?
:icongolden-3point14:golden-3point14 10 18
Bartimaeus is ANGREH by Rinian Bartimaeus is ANGREH :iconrinian:Rinian 805 207



United States
Hi! I'm Joanna, and I firmly believe that you don't have to draw to be an artist. I write poetry, stories, and songs. I do photography whenever I've got a camera. And lately I've been sketching hands and playing around with oil pastels.
I also play the viola, currently working on Tchaikovsky's Souvenir de Florence with my chamber orchestra.
I believe in God, true love, and myself. I believe in you, too.

Favourite genre of music: A Cappella, pop, rock, classical
I've only just now noticed - I've hit and passed 7,000 pageviews. That's both astonishing and remarkable, considering this past May I reached 6,000. I shall begin to post new things rather soon, I believe. Thank you all for supporting my artwork.

It's a little odd being back at school, since I spent 2 weeks in Tanzania. People continually pronounce the country's name wrong, ask a few questions, and then leave the matter be. I've made a presentation about my trip in Spanish, but I can never seem to describe it in all its glory. Actually, in Spanish, I floundered at the end of the presentation with something to close, so I said, "En realidad, yo no tengo las palabras decirte de que occurio en Tanzania, y de que yo vi. No hay palabras describirlo." (In reality, I don't have words to tell you of what happened in Tanzania, and of what I saw. There aren't words to describe it.) I speak some Spanili - Spanish/Swahili - by accident.

It's kind of funny, really. Right now, all the girls at school are worried about homecoming dresses. I've seen people worried about what they're going to EAT for the coming months. I've seen people who are worried about paying for surgery for their three year old children who fell in a fire. These petty worries of dresses and makeup are pretty pathetic, and yet, it's acceptable in the world we live in. Someday (if, of course, anyone every asks me to a dance) I'll be worrying about those kinds of things, too. But I'll never forget.

Go and do something that will change your life. Make yourself happier, make others happier, and make the world a better place.

  • Listening to: Sinfonia Concertante, Mozart
  • Reading: The Inheritance of Loss
  • Playing: Schubert Trout Quintet
  • Eating: Fishy crackers
  • Drinking: Water. Hydration is key.


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