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I'll ask you one more time...

By CaptainEva
Rest in peace, Sarah. Rest in peace... :omg:

Soooo what do you do when you've rewatched almost every movie and cartoons you used to watch as a kid?
You just go watch nostalgic movies and cartoons that you've never watched before and go cry in a corner cause they where never in your childhood... (I've cried a lot the past few months. :() And so yesterday I finally watched 'Labyrinth' for the first time and it was GREAT!

Sarah is a great character, but she is what you expect her to be; a young woman who needs to grow up and always plays fair. (Kinda like Alice.) But we already know "that life is rarely fair." ;)

I just wanna see her snap, just for a sec. So that's way I made this crapy sketch. THIS is how I imagine it would be. :XD:
It's just for fun and it was meant to be quick. So no shadow, depth or detail this time. ;D

Anyway, hope you enjoy this ridicules doodle.

HB pencil
Photoshop CS4
Jareth (the Goblin King) and Sarah © Jim Henson, George Lucas and Brian Froud
Labyrinth fanart © Me
(Please don't steal)
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© 2011 - 2021 CaptainEva
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babyhallow's avatar
Movie would have been 500x more interesting if this had happened.
LovelyLadyGray's avatar
sfere = sphere.  Fun doodle.  Jareth has met his match!;p
RebeccaBillings's avatar
This should have happened XD
Figarro-Luv's avatar
LOVE IT! Absolutely love it!!! Its funny how you correlate her with Alice... Because I am writing a story combining the two lol.
LarissaLoyd's avatar
Heheh! I love it! I also watched Labyrinth later.
KAMwuzhere's avatar
Dream-Angel-Artista's avatar
(0_0) she realy angry hahaha!
CaptainEva's avatar
lol Who wouldn't be? XD
Dark-Sapphire-Lotus's avatar
Lol thats what I would have done...
CaptainEva's avatar
I think most of use would. lol XD
Lhunweth's avatar
*snerk* Oh, if only Sarah had tried the direct approach!
CaptainEva's avatar
But then we wouldn't have a great movie. XD But it would be funny, though.
missrotem's avatar
Lol I love it! XD
CaptainEva's avatar
lol Glad you do. XD
Meowchee's avatar
Haha, I love their expressions! But why did you spell "sphere" as "sfere"?
CaptainEva's avatar
Because my english sucks and didn't noticed it. :iconheaddeskplz:
Thank you for pointing it out. :D I'll change it when I've got the time.
i7want7some7one's avatar
XD I so love this. :D
(This came on my Tumblr dash. :D)
CaptainEva's avatar
On Tumblr? Did you found it there or put it there?

Oh and thanx btw. XD Glad you love it. :hug:
i7want7some7one's avatar
Yes ma'am. Found it. I don't put people's work on the Internet without permission. : )
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