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Happy Halloween

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I like how dark you went with the black areas. :clap: Nice work!
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I fuckin love Deadpool
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Deadpool Static Icon DeadPool clapping iconawesome job! Deadpool Emote  
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deadpool is waifu
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I generally favor Deadpool over Slade/Deathstroke anyway.
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Look'n Awesome, Great Work!! Deadpool - OK 
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With the hype of Deadpool around, this is good timing. Nicely done ^^
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very cool drawing
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Really nice Halloween drawing! 
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WOW.....REally Intense !!!!!!!!
Happy Halloween.....
On Halloween we're Oh Kay !!!!!!
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Nice work, I like the design!
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Deadpool: I'm going out trick and treating as gender-bent Nostalgic Critic, and I gonna bomb any house that don't give me any toffee!
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Deadpool - Pervert  Finally meet a epic fangirl yay of trick or treat date night 
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Heeeheeehee. That's awesome. Is that your costume for the day?
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Yep XD I’m wearing my visor on top of my Deadpool mask 
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Well my visor and skull ring have been my ecutrema since High School
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