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tgb: Gin's application by CaptainClovey tgb: Gin's application by CaptainClovey

Old Bio on Google docs: Gin's Biography

12/05/17 Edit: BORN!!
04/09/17 Edit: Woo been a while, but here's his new app art with description to soon follow 

 - || Identification || -

True name : King
Kit name : Gin
TN Meaning: A monarch, Royalty, A Ruler
KN Meaning: Named after Kili’s deceased brother
Nicknames : Gink (insult), Princey 
Age : 6 - 9 moons
May 12th - Birth Day!
Sep 1st - True name achieved!
Gender : Cis male
Tattoo : White-Air
Tribe : Air Tribe
Current location : Air Tribe
Profession : Soldier Apprentice
Mentor : 

Born in : Summer 104
Birth tribe : Shadow Tribe
Breed : Mix of Breeds / Moggy
Orientation : ✫

- || Appearance || -

Description :
Gin is an interesting young tom as he's an undefined mix of his parents, Sol and Kili. From the unusual stripes cutting across his pelt to the gradient and spots speckling his flank, there's a little bit of everything which makes it unclear who he's taking after. His main colouration can be described as a muted red or raw clay like colour, patched upon layers of thick grey-white fur. Gin’s surely inherited those Maine Coon genes if his size and long haired pelt tell you anything, now that he's an apprentice his legs are certainly gaining length. His fur is sharp and ruffled, a terror to try and control though, as it prefers to flick out in all directions on his big healthy frame than follow any sort of direction or order. Other notable features that stand out on the young tom is his thick and long tail -rather capable of smacking others when grumpy- and his asymmetrical face that bears a pair of deep purple eyes, a clear reminder of his Grandmother's unusual features.
Tattoo : White-Air (based on that of a swan)
Scars / Disabilities : ✫
Physical health : 100%
Voice : Bored and flat
Accessories/Items : Blue Chalcedony Tail Gem - Gifted from Sol and Kili

- || Personality || -

“Go out fighting, go out young. Flash of lightning, eclipse the sun."

 | [ + Ambitious ] [ + Perceptive ] [ + Self-Assured ] [ ~ Devoted ] [ ~ Emotional ] [ - Arrogant ] [ - Judgemental ] [ - Short Tempered ] |

Summary - 


★ Appreciative 

★ Courteous

✯ Thoughtful

✯ Unperturbed

✫ Secretive

✫ Unreliable

However, all of this is subject to change through roleplaying and development, thus will be changed and updated once certain traits are defined in new ways <3

Alignment: Lawful Neutral -

A lawful neutral character acts as law, tradition, or a personal code directs them. Order and organization are paramount and they believe in personal order and live by a code or standard, or believe in order for all and favor a strong, organized structure of rule.

- || Tribe info || -

Tattoo : White-Air
Ability : Primary
Profession : Soldier Apprentice
Soulbond : ✫
Signature move :
Skill tree : 
Currents - Unpractised
You have the trademark skills of the primary powers, the awareness of currents held in the breeze are no longer invisible to you. You're able to produce slight electrical sparks, nothing that could do harm but enough to start the process of manipulation.
Breeze - Unpractised
With the awareness of what is carried on the breeze, you're able to direct air currents around yourself. Even if there is no breeze, you can summon a slight force of wind but nothing too substantial; you definitely won't be moving a tree or boulder anywhere.

- || Family || -

 Parents: |
        [ Sol - Shadow Tribe General || Alive || faw-nn ]
        [ Kili - Air Tribe Soldier || Alive || ipann ]

    | Littermates: |
        [ Warden || Vega || Male || White-Fire || Alive || @/xCinderfrostx ]
        [ Aspen || Rue || Female || White-Air || Alive || @/waxwiing ]
        [ Sidon || Lupis || Female || White-Water || Alive || @/Kitsanil ]
        [ Fable || Percy || Female || White-Shadow || Alive || @/Pose-y ]

    | Misc. |
                Mother’s Side
        [ D’ialia || Grandmother || Shadow Tribe Soldier || Alive || @/Riveriia ]
        [ Cenek || Grandfather ||  Shadow Tribe Leader || Alive || @/Toadfoal ]]
        [ Pisciz || Uncle || Shadow Tribe Scholar || ??? || @/Hollyseven ]
        [ Ktori || Uncle || Light Tribe Healer || Alive || Bayflight ]
        [ Denver || Uncle || Void Tribe Soldier || ??? || @/Riveriia ]
        [ Dakota || Uncle ||  Void Tribe Soldier || ??? || @/Scoutiki ]
        [ Annabelle || Aunt || Fire Tribe Soldier || Alive || @godIling ]
        [ Wicca || Aunt || Light Tribe Diviner || ??? || @/Sycophantism ]
        [ Noctis || Aunt || Shadow Tribe Scholar || Alive || rainwolfeh ]
        [ Septimus || Aunt || Shadow Tribe Kitten || ??? || @/PenguinEatsCarrots ]

            Father’s Side:
        [ Shine || Grandmother || Water Tribe Soldier || Deceased || npc ]
        [ Expo || Grandfather || Shadow Tribe Soldier || Deceased || npc ]
        [ Doopliss || Uncle || Air Tribe Scholar || ??? || @/sokoish ]
        [ Lliam || Uncle || Fire Tribe Soldier || ??? || npc ]
        [ Nemo || Uncle || Water Tribe Soldier || ??? || npc ]
        [ Danni || Aunt || Light Tribe Soldier || ??? || npc ]

Mate : ✫
Kits : 

- || Backstory || -

|Kithood 0-3moons|

It was in the midst of the war preparation against the Enlightened that Sol and Kili, two cats assuredly in love as casual dates but not officially as mates, spent many a night together for comfort and support in such stressful times. It was after one of these many nights however, Sol, acting as Shadow Tribe’s General, began to feel sickly and even worse than usual, however these warning signs were brushed off as stress from the war. It wasn’t until a light triber pointed out she was obviously pregnant that she even realised, and it was in no way planned nor appreciated due to its timing. Regardless of her state, she informed a few but continued to work herself tirelessly for her tribe, even fighting in the war herself and risking her life and those of her children for the sake of their eventual home. Barely surviving but pulling through some nasty injuries, Sol and Kili came together after the war for their litter. Five little furballs were born, Gin, Lupis, Vega, Rue and Percy to be raised by the large family that resided within Shadow Tribe. Percy however was undersized, the smallest of the litter - most likely due to the strain Sol had placed upon herself during her pregnancy. It was a bitter sweet birth, one that led Kili to be wary and cautious of growing too attached to his kits for their first few months. But regardless the General’s litter was set loose to roam the home that had been so hard fought for, to experience whatever may come next…

TLDR; Sol and Kili didn’t plan it, but Sol got pregnant during the war and they kept fighting till it was won. Five living kits were born, Gin, Lupis, Vega, Percy and Rue, to be raised in Shadow Tribe.

- || Trivia || -

Favorites :
Color : White/Silver
Place : High places
Activity : Practising his powers
Season : Winter
Time of day : Dusk
Likes :
★ His family, of course, they’re the best
★ Extreme weather, thunder, lightning, storms
★ Learning all he can
★ Authority and Leaders 
★ Open spaces with the sky above
★ Impressing adults and challenges
Dislikes :
✫ ‘Relaxing’ / Napping  / Laziness
✫ Baths and grooming of any sort
✫ Just having any body part licked/bitten
✫ Competing for attention
✫ Not being perfect 
✫ Being dismissed or not taken seriously
Extra :
✯Gin has a rather contagious laugh, it’s not throaty or loud,, he mostly goes silent and cracks up while squeaking with what little laughter does escape him because he can’t even say much from laughing so hard. He’s rather shy about his squeaking giggle but his expression is rather cute. 
✯Such a mother’s boy, do not insult Sol anywhere near this boy he’ll hurt you.
✯While he really wished he had stayed with his mother in shadow tribe and will miss all the family he has there, he’s accepted that if the Air spirit wants him then they’re obviously the smartest spirit for choosing him.
✯He loves having his fur ruffled in a certain way and being groomed is the worst. Please no mom. 
✯He often tries to climb on top of things, people, his family. He likes to feel tall. 
✯When sleeping, Gin will usually curl into the tightest ball possible and become a fluffy ball with no face, but pressed up against his family so he feels their presence there to lean on.
✯ His powers are very reactive to his emotions and can flare up at random times when rather emotional or even during his sleep
✯ He really likes having his personal space and is quite adverse to being touched without warning
relationship tracker: -to be made-
Music Theme(s): 
[Madeon - Finale]
Concepts: ★ 

- || Roleplay information || -

GMT Timezone cos I live in the UK - I like to mainly roleplay through skype and discord - I can do lit paragraphs or script, up to you <3

|Roleplay sample|

Tako: The exile tom liked her laugh, especially as she snorted though that was probably just to clear the water from her nose he supposed. He grinned as she welcomed him though, a little nervous breath of relief escaping him as he sat by the water's edge. "Certainly not. I won't raise my claws against another cat again, if I can so help it." He mewed, not wanting to openly admit to being Enlightened but knowing his words could lead to that conclusion. Toriel. A lovely name to fit a lovely feline, he could suppose a cat that could look so good while dripping wet certainly earned the rank of Deputy of Water tribe, even if his heart stuttered at being near a cat of such power. That golden tattoo meant she had the power to control water probably, an elegant power and one he'd love to observe,, but he'd never impose that onto a tribe cat like some kit wanting to see magic. "Well Toriel, you can call me Tako, a nobody of nothing." He mewed with a crooked smirk, bowing his head slightly as a show of respect, even if he held none of himself. His whiskers quivered with amusement, introducing himself as such to a deputy, but it was true. He was a nobody now.

The-Golden-Butterfly Belongs to its founder(s) and hard working admin!
format credit to faw-nn <3 Thanks buddo 
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