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Miraculous Adventures: Vincent Mercier Application



Name: ......... Vincent Mercier [Vin-cent Mer-ci-ay] 
Nicknames: .... Vince, Vin
Gender: ....... Cis Male
Birthday: ..... April 18th
Age: .......... 18
Height: ....... 5 ft 11 in
Weight: ....... Average if a little light
Orientation: .. Pansexual 
Nationality: .. French
Occupation: ... Student +
  • His mother is a vet and works at a small clinic where his father offers pet grooming services and looks after the animals staying overnight, he helps them out for a small wage to clean up and feed them everyday.
  • He also helps out at the local mechanics in return for learning how to look after his motorbike and servicing it

Super Hero:
 The Swallow [creative right?]

Miraculous: A pair of black goggles with a blue clip on either side which light up in a 5 part wing pattern to symbolise the amount of time remaining after using his special power. He can't see this pattern while wearing them, so the goggles also emits an audible beep at every minute passed. 

  • Swallow Dive 
    For up to 30 seconds, The Swallow has a burst of super speed in all his actions, allowing him to outrun/fly/react to things so long as he isn't hit, trapped or brought to a very sharp halt [crashing]. After the speed burst has finished, he has five minutes to conclude his superhero activities before he'll transform back to his civilian state. He hasn't really tested the fastest speed he can reach, but he estimates he can match the speeds he achieves on his motorbike.   
  • Flight/Gliding 
    He can't just take off from the ground but he can simulate flying with his cloak, gliding and swooping in the air like a swallow once he has the height and wind at his side. 
  • Agile - Flexible - Good Balance 
    While transformed The Swallow is nimble, great at dodging and twisting his form as required making him hard to trap or pin down. He also has an uncanny ability to balance on small platforms or even swiftly on wires, like an actual swallow.
  • Accurate Aim - Good Eyesight - Good Reflexes 
    Thanks to his weapons, this hero has amazing accuracy when throwing or catching anything, including weapons aimed to hit him, sometimes snatching them out of the air. He can also be pretty observant and has a good eye for spotting details, which is helpful when he's always fast and on the move. 
  • Twin Boomerangs 
    Like a pair of birds wings, Swallow can throw these boomerangs with acute precision at targets before they spin back in his direction to grab again. Not only great in the air for a ranged attack, he can keep them in hand for a strong pair of wooden batons to fight with or block attacks.  
  • Swallow Cloak 
    It allows him to glide through the air and direct his 'flight' due to small straps on the inside for his hands to slip into when his arms are outstretched. However he can also use this cloak while fighting to distract his opponents or act as a quick block when not holding his boomerangs. 
  • Can't take a hit - Low pain tolerance
    It's a good thing he likes to dodge, because this form offers little defence when it comes to taking a punch. He can easily get hurt from these fights or his own flights and while he might try to power through it, enough of a beat down will leave him down for a good while. 
  • Untrained in hand to hand combat - No enhanced strength
    He knows nothing when it comes to fancy martial arts or fighting, when unarmed of his trusty boomerangs, all he's got left is a nasty punch and a dirty kick in the lower regions. For all his new speed and abilities, he's still got the physical strength of an 18 year old who likes to work out sometimes, he's not going to be throwing anyone around or lifting heavy objects like other heroes. 
  • Rash - Not tactical - Easily Tricked 
    More of a personality flaw, but a real weakness in his superhero persona. It's his nature to leap before thinking, use his 'Swallow Dive' too early or jump to conclusions over what's happening. He likes to solve things quickly so doing the job well or in a smarter way aren't a priority. Due to not thinking things through, it means an attempt to distract him or lead him astray will work effectively, but he can get pretty mad once he's figured out he's been duped. 


  • Civilian + [Extroverted] +[Flirt] +[Confident] -[Vain] -[Rash] -[Short Tempered] 
    Vincent has no fears when it comes to new people, always happy to show a smile and a wink, lend them a hand or tell them a joke. He doesn't hide much, as open as a book with his emotions and certainly his desires, acting on any want to flirt and show of affection the moment he feels he should. He's confident and doesn't usually doubt himself, trusting in himself and those he places trust in without wavering loyalty. Vincent's an easy friend to make and a laugh to be with, if you can put up with the bad flirting and innuendos he enjoys so much, you'll quickly find he loves sharing about himself, so there's plenty to learn and talk about around him. However this confidence and love of himself often manifests as a vanity and arrogance, as Vincent is always checking his appearance, acting as if he knows what he's talking about and is the most important person in a room sometimes. Quick to act on his emotions, Vin can be impulsive and act first before thinking about the consequences which, combined with his short temper, means he's quick to get annoyed and snap at others, or even start a fight.  

  • Superhero persona +[Protective] +[Selfless] +[Quick thinking] -[Impulsive] -[Narrow-Minded] -[Unreliable]
    Once transformed with his Kwami, The Swallow's confidence is only boosted in openly talking to strangers, flirting with nearly everyone and taking on villains without fear, but it's with an added protectiveness of those in need and those he's fond of. He's actually more sympathetic to those he sees as needy, wanting to help all people with their problems, pushing aside the flaws of his vanity in thinking he's so important to put everyone else first. The Swallow thinks fast as he works, making up his schemes and ideas as he performs them, you can trust him to act fast when something happens. However what he does can be unpredictable and hoping he'll come through on a plan makes him an unreliable teammate, as he'll sooner act on his own ideas than the plans of someone else. Obviously the hero is still rash and has quite the temper to piss off so when stuck in urgent situations, he can end up acting on rather irrational ideas in the name of justice and get carried away sometimes, going too fast and heavy in delivering a solution to a problem or punishment to a villain. 
  • Vincent grew up in the outskirts of Paris as a single child while his Mother worked as a vet in a small clinic and his Dad as a pet groomer and handler, looking after any animals who had to stay over night. He started off as a real lover of animals, always trying to help his parents with the cats and dogs and the many pets that'd come into the clinic as they lived in a small apartment close by - and no surprise he was pretty popular with the other kids due to his knowledge on pets and animals. As a kid he had swore to become a vet too, but as he got older and realised the effect his charm and looks had on others, the teen found less and less he cared about animals and more so hanging out with other kids, trying to act cool and continue his popularity. He was rather social in highschool and certainly had one or two relationships but neither of them lasted past a few months as Vin wasn't the most 'committed' person.

    He continued to help out at the clinic however, doing whatever tasks his parents asked and still has a great love of animals too, though their family never got a pet due to being in contact with so many at work. On his 16th birthday, his parents were gracious enough to buy him a motorcycle which, for once, made him work hard to learn how to ride, do the theory tests and attain his driving license. He used whatever money he had saved up to pay for insurance and gas, but he absolutely loved it. It's his most prized possession and he even refers to it lovingly as 'his girl'. But being the reckless idiot he can be, more than a few times he ended up crashing into things or scratching it, thus making continual trips to the local mechanic for repairs. The mechanic really took a shine to Vincent though, and on the weekends the teen spends his time helping in the garage and workshop in return for lessons about mechanics and tips for his own motorcycle - alongside learning the requirements to get a full motorcycle license for an even stronger bike when he's older. While still a student, Vin has decided that once he's done with school he wants to possibly become an apprentice to a mechanic and learn to fix all sorts of motorbikes and engines for a living - alongside his other 'living'. ;^)     
Roleplay History: TBA <3

  • His motorbike 
  • Speed
  • Cute people
  • All animals [especially birds]
  • Gliding through the skies
  • Smoking [he knows it's a bad habit]
  • Open areas with lots of sky
  • Being stuck inside/confined places
  • Being overly cautious
  • Essay writing and reading
  • Stick in the mud personalities
  • Owing people/being in debt
  • Being nagged about his health
  • Cowards
  • Being paralysed or physically unable to move [especially when people need him]


Kwami Name: Peep

  • +[Enthusiastic] +[Cautious/Motherly] +[Optimistic] -[Nagging] -[Stern] -[Obsessive]
    Peep would've been a perfect Kwami to someone lacking in confidence or doubtful as a hero, being a supportive and idealistic sort of thinker - however in being paired with Vincent she got more of a job than she was expecting, as both she and the teen are headstrong in their opinions about the right course of action. The little bird Kwami always hopes for the best of a situation and will push to make it happen no matter what, being determined to the point of obsessive in getting things done, so she comes across quite nagging to her human partner who would happily settle for compromise or a shrug of 'oh well better luck tomorrow'. But she does hugely care for Vincent, in fact she feels she cares more than he does despite his vanity due to how reckless he can be - Peep is always reminding him to wear his helmet when riding his motorbike, to find back up before they transform to deal with danger or general self-care when it comes to what to eat or when to go to bed. Vincent hates that the lil bird actually tries to be a mother hen, but it's her little voice that stops him rashly acting in dangerous situations. 
History with Kwami: 
  • Vincent had been riding his motorcycle and almost crashed due to a loose dog on the street, forcing him to come to a sharp halt with the risk of being hit from behind. Despite the shouts of a driver who'd almost rear ended him, he fortunately managed to pick up the dog and take it back to his mother's clinic so he could keep it safe. As the teen had searched about for a potential owner of the dog, a man came forward saying it was their dog and they were very grateful for his help. Once the man was gone though, Vincent found a pair of stylish black goggles on the counter and wondered if they belonged to the guy, who he had no name for or any idea how to find again. Vin couldn't help putting them on, they looked super cool and could even work as motorcycle goggles, which was when the Miraculous's kwami appeared, startling the teen a lot. 

    It took a lot of convincing to stop Vincent from taking the strange fairy bird creature to his mother, thinking at first it was just some strange parrot with a very deformed shape, but after going somewhere more private, Peep explained and helped him transform for the first time. He was ecstatic to see himself as a superhero just like Ladybug and Chat Noir, with a cloak and a pair of boomerangs which he assumed were his weapons. He even found it funny that his outfit was coincidentally the colours of the french flag, wanting to call himself something like Captain France - but once the transformation ended, Peep was quick to shoot down that idea and explain their animal was the Swallow. He always had a love of birds that could swoop with speed like the Swifts and Swallows, so he accepted the other identity and decided he'd try out being a hero.
Extra: To refuel her energy, Peep likes eating any sort of bread product. Sliced bread, Baguettes, Bread rolls - all bread. 


Partner's Name: No partner yet

History with Partner: To be met <3


Significant Other:
Mother - Jeanne Mercier - Alive - Npc
Father - Lucien Mercier - Alive - Npc 
Friends: Pending
Enemies: Pending
Other Relations: Pending 

Extra Info
  • He can't help but love flaunting the patriotic colours of his superhero costume
  • While his goggles have an opaque black sheen to them on the outside, it works one way and doesn't obscure his vision that much at night
  • Vincent also smokes and usually has a pack on him for when he's stressed or bored [and this does impact his ability to be a energetic superhero sometimes]
  • He's always carrying bread rolls or a bag of bread crumbs around just incase for Peep - usually he pretends it's to feed the local 'birds'
  • Vin loves his motorcycle so much, but it's not a full powered motorbike, it has a 125cc engine which is the allowed limit for '16' yr olds which was the age he received it. 
  • His motorcycle is this…
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background ¡plis!

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Awesome! I love his personality and design! You gave him so much depth and character!
CaptainClovey's avatar
Awh thank you so much! I put a lot of thought and time into designing my oc babs quq
TeaNTomatoes's avatar
I have some miraculous ocs too! I have a golden dragon (who's personality is kinda similar to Vince!), I have a white tiger, a red panda, and a swan! 

I'm making a tumblr blog for them 

Anyway, I love your creativity! 
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He seems like interesting character
also, I am gonna steal Peep and cuddle her lots
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Ooh this is a really nice oc! ;v;b
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Awwh thank you!! quq <3 I really like your oc Gael too, he seems super cool hehe C: good luck in the opening!
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Ahh you are too nice ;v ;
Also thank you ;; /nervous
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Hehe nonsense, i'm only saying what's true ^^ 
It is nerve wracking to apply to such a popular group right? So many applicants, I hope they open more than 25 spots, I want to rp with soo many of the apps I've seen so far already quq
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Ah thank you then qq
Yes it's very nerve wracking, I keep thinking I most likely won't make it in since there are so many talented people ;v; They all do look so nice..
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Awh I bet you'll totally make it in, your app is really good [in both art and written description] and if that weren't enough your gallery is proof you're just as talented as many of the peeps applying too ;3 Just gotta be optimistic óuó <3
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Ahh Q A Q You are so nice
But thank you and I will be as optimistic as I can v u v
Good luck to you as well!
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hehe thank you x3
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X3 you're cool dude, and your art is perfect ( More perfect than mine's)
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This is really awesome.
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IKR this group man, I only found it today!! so lil time to do an app quq
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smooches pretty baby
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pretty bab: *winks and smooches back like the flirt he is*
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