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Joker and Edi

More Mass Effect fanart because why not.

Joker and Edi <3

Done in Photoshop.
Mass Effect (c) Bioware
Art (c) me.
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Poor EDI! At some point, Shepard should have mercy and tell her to learn about 'double entendres'!
CaptainPrower's avatar
You know what I think would be funny to see?
Joker trying to convince EDI to wear a Harley Quinn costume.
captainashletART's avatar
Hah! This NEEDS to happen!! <3
CaptainPrower's avatar
YES. Hell, the whole crew of the Normandy can do a Batman cosplay.
Shep would obviously be Bats, so that means Liara has to be Catwoman.
Aaaaaand I can't think of anyone else.
captainashletART's avatar
Haha, well, it's a good start!!
Thinking of Joker wearing the Joker getup from Batman is giving me nightmares. Thanks. ;)
selvokaz's avatar
He should have said Control ROD!... ba-dum-psh!
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SofiaAuditore13's avatar
Ahahhaha so cute XD
CodePurpleyedrawings's avatar
tc-city's avatar
ahh so much love <3 they're so in character, and the body launguage is spot on! not to mention cutest colors and style <3
captainashletART's avatar
Thank you so much! I had so much fun drawing them. c:
TonomuraBix's avatar
so cute XD i love them, and the dialogue here is great
Katamariguy's avatar
Say, does EDI have cameras in the bathroom?
captainashletART's avatar
EDI, you naughty thing you. <3
jakaljones's avatar
Oh Joker. You so silly.
NeroonCousland's avatar
Very cute idea, but you should have given EDI a grin on her face or at least a smile. This way her expression looks kinda sad, which doesn't fit.
captainashletART's avatar
Aw, that is true! I was going for a more confused look, but I see your point. Thanks for the feedback. c:
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