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My Bio

Name: Hilgard EnGarde (pen name)

Gender: Male

Location: Massachusetts within the US

Language: English

Height: approximately 5ft 7in tall

Profile info: In my past, I've been graduated from high-school in mid-2009. After that, I've been through 7 different jobs, the first 5 were cash-jobs which are sea-food packaging, green-house gardening, plant-seed packaging, pillow manufacturing, and back-pack manufacturing. After I have been laid off from those jobs, I along with my older relative started two of our very own "at home service jobs" which are house-repair and auto-repair but that those two jobs were short-lived as of since 2017, both of those jobs got slowly transitioned into one which is not a real job at all but a responsibility of home-management which still includes fixing and repairing what's part of my family's houses and cars. How it got transitioned from two money-making jobs to a mere responsibility where I make no money at all has some complicated story behind it. One of them is that the US's economy isn't doing too good and, another quite simply because I'm a humble handy repairman who never asks for money unless it's a desperate or emergency event.

You can find me in either two accounts here:

You can also me in two NSFW accounts here:

You can also find me in Discord and wikis. There are a lot of certain Discord servers that I and most of my friends called homes, mostly the servers that have hentai gallery channels in them. Some of those servers are social servers with a variety of channels for pics, vids, music, games, etc. while some other servers are adult-only.

This symbol "^" means that this information is about or related to either Discord server or wiki right above. If you're having problems with any given invites into any Discord servers here, let me know and I'll see if I can fix them. Keep in mind that there is a 100 servers limit sadly.

"Welcome to the Family!"

Server community homes to me and my friends that needs to grow big:

Guardian Legend [invite link not available]

Bullet Heaven HD

Marvel Lewd RP Universe (various +18)

Very big server communities that are homes to me and my friends:

Waifu Worshipping (NSFW +18)

KinkyBase +18 (NSFW +18)

Whore House (NSFW +18)

The Hentai Enthusiasts (NSFW +18)

^ Keep in mind, this server has very strict rules for very good reasons.

Hentai Shop (NSFW +18)

Hentai Hub (NSFW +18)

Soup (various +18)

Nova Desktop (various)

100% Orange Juice (various)

100% OJ Modding (various)

100% Orange Juice Wiki (various)

Outrun & Synth Production (various)

天羽よつは (various)

R-Type FlyZone (various)

Here is the list of wiki community homes to me and my friends

Mortal Kombat Wiki

100% Orange Juice Wiki

R-Type Wiki

Aleste Wiki

Raiden Wiki

Your Lie in April Wiki

^ This wiki needs a lot more mods and admins who can run tight shifts.

A warning message to anyone who wants to do malicious actions against me, any of my +9000 friends (most of them outside Discord and wikis), or any Discord or wiki communities:

* Anyone who is attempting to or is spamming, causing toxic drama, and spreading, supporting, or condoning hates including politics, racism, fascism, sexism, misogyny, anti-theism, anti-Semitism, etc. will result in being given warnings if not being permanently banned from the server!

* Anyone who is attempting to hack into, is hacking into, or raiding any of those Discord servers above will result in being permanently banned, have their Discord account terminated, and will be reported to the authorities immediately!

Favourite Visual Artist
Basically every artist, both formerly and currently, from beginners to professionals. (all dank artists and artists who are memers are not included)
Favourite Movies
Reality movies, movies and documentaries about how seriously good and important God, cops and militaries really are, adventures, fantasies, horrors, actions, science fictions, animes, porns, and hentais.
Favourite TV Shows
Reality shows, documentaries about how seriously good and important God, cops and militaries really are, adventures, fantasies, horrors, actions, science fictions, animes, porns, and hentais.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Music bands who plays prehistoric music, traditional tribal music, ancient music, medieval music, horror music, classical music, circus music, jazz, blues, rock, metal, new wave, martial music, epic music, electronic music, and industrial music.
Favourite Books
The Torah, The Hebrew Bible, The Holy Bible King James Version, books about maths, sciences, militaries, ground vehicles, aircrafts, and spacecrafts.
Favourite Games
RPGs, adventures, platformers, fantasies, horrors, first-persons, third-persons, open-worlds, science fictions, shoot'em ups, bullet-hell, and danmakus.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC the most, more so than the rest of the existing game consoles.
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS5, On-Screen Protractor, and Web 2.0 scientific calculator.

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