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Simple test
I got kidnapped by a neko butler chapter 6
Chapter 6 Time to talk part 2 '' Now frst in this is master Prince he. It is difficult to define the true character of Prince who can appear phlegmatic or impassioned; this can be quite disconcerting. You never know exactly how Prince will behave and in fact it is he who will decide how he wishes to appear. Prince always expresses himself according to a precise idea he has and a goal that he has firmly fixed however he is quite capable of devoting himself to a good cause. Prince is objective and has strong self-confidence, he is not easily influenced. He can seem prey to timidity but this is more an appearance than reality. Prince doesn't ch
I got kidnapped by a neko butler chapter 7
The next morning Ikki and Izumi got up,dressed and ready. Master was out that morning for unknown reasons. Kusari soon knocked on their door. '' Come in Kusari'' Said Ikki as he opened the door for her. She entered and sat down on the floor near the bed. Ikki and Izumi sat down on the floor near her. '' So what graces us with your presence Kusari?'' asks Ikki curiously. '' We'll if that flesh bag human wants to live here Master told me he needs a job. He's been a freelancing guest long enough. We need either another cleaner/cooker or a errands runner to take out masters ''trash'' or lastly a body-guard for master. Once you decide on a job le
request w. I. p sketch
danganronpa fanfic greater than despair Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Decision Of Despair .................................................................................................................................................. I did all of this for nothing! all I feel is despair. I wish I never played this game! .................................................................................................................................................. Soon Mikan left them with the hardest decision to make which would end either way end in hopeless despair. as the door closed by Mikan as she left Junko and Nagitos hope escaped them. ''current'' Junko Enoshima's point of view: An ho
Yanere x tsdunere chapter 6 thumbnail
I got kidnapped by a neko butler chapter 5
Ikki was sad and was starting to become worried about the human male in chains. The demonic maid was still ticked off. Prince came back into the room laughing and said '' Kusari~That's enough! Let him have his play thing back.''. As that the maid Kusari dropped him back into the worried arms of Ikki. She than bowed and said to her master '' Yes master as you wish your word is supreme law to me.'' Prince smirked and waved her to the next room. Ikki took Izumi to his room in the servants courters down stairs. He layed him down on his bed and watched over him not sleeping at all that night. The next room Izumi woke up and got hugged by an overj
Danganronpa greater than despair chapter 4
Chapter 4 Discovered Junko ran into the next room tears rolling down her face. Slowly was she on the way to recovery? Feeling human? Emotions? What are these? Just more alienated feelings to her the queen of despair. but shes lost her memories what will happen if she remembers? Only despair awaits this story I would stop reading here. Save yourself. Tell yourself it worked out! They all are friends again. Hinata got off Nagito and they went to the next room. '' JUNKO ENOSHIMA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE! YOU KILLED SO MANY OF MY FRIENDS!!!'' Hinata yelled and ran towards Junko with anger and tears running down his face. Before his eyes flashed
When Love and death inextricably intertwined ch5
chapter 5 lost in thoughts whole next 2 chapters are in Loreleis point of view: whole chapter in Lorelei point of view: Paradign gets up and meets me in the kitchen. I make him a human breakfast. I cook from eggs and make him some toast. '' Is this what you eat Paradign? Your sort of human or you were human...'' I ask him. He nods and says '' That smells lovely Lorelei aren't you going to make yourself any?''. I shake my head as i sit down next to sit and give him the food with a fork and a knife. He starts digging into the food as he asks me '' What do you eat then Lorelei? By the way this food is delicious and I'm starving thank you so m

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Hello there! Thank you so much for the watch and favs, your support means so much to me and I'm so happy to know you enjoy my work! Blue Heart Icon I deeply cherish all the love and support I get from this awesome community! 
I hope you have a wonderful day!
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Thank you for the watch and helping my profile grow! I really appreciate it!
I hope you'll continue to enjoy and support my art! <3
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thanks for llama ! hope you have a good day ~
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Thanks and I hope for you too to have a nice and wonderful day.
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Hello, everyone. How are you doing? I hope that you all have a great time while I'm gone as life got in my way far longer than I have expected for the second time.
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As if too many house-repairing more than auto-mechanic works isn't bad enough, I have to be there for my relatives in 4 doctor appointment weeks before two of my family cars broke down on us. Too much work like that for too long gives me a headache and makes me sick that I have to stop working and rest around a week long.
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I'm back now that there are very few works for me to stay on top of.
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