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My Bio
Born Philadelphia, PA
Specialize in Graphic Illustration & Cartooning

As of this writing, I've been a 'Deviant' for almost six months.
I've toured the site and encountered some incredible pieces of
art, and some equally incredible artist. As I close on the 50 year old mark, I've never really had much use for the computer
outside of my art and finding information. I never had a 'myspace', never got into i.m.'s, or twitter. I have a 'facebook'
account, but it was for displaying my art work, and since discovering dA, I haven't had a need to go back. As far as networking on a site goes, I feel at home here. Some of the art
and their artist have inspired me to draw in ways I haven't felt
inspired since my 20's. To those I consider friends on dA. I'd
like to thank. The rest, I'd like to get to know. That said, I think
its time for me to let you know who I am.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I'm
considered the last of the so-called "Baby Boomers" having been born in 1964. The 1960's were a rough year for my country, if not for the world, but, for me, its just history. I have
no memory of it out side of the 1969 moon launch. My earliest
memories are of the 70's. The close, the music, and the television, the instrument that first inspired me to art! For some
reason, the old WWII movies my Aunt watched drove me to draw planes, tanks, and ships. After that, it was shows like
Voyage the the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, and my all time favorite Star Trek. Later it was the 'kid' shows I watched
after Catholic school, Johnny Sucko... The Space Giants, Ultra Man, and Captain Scarlet. After TV, this was the biggest influence on my art 'til this day...comic books and comic cartoons. The DC comic Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes was the comic that did it for me. Superman, Batman and the like were cool, but the Legion had it all. Teen aged heroes set in the far pencil was on fire.

To this day, I'm still influenced by comics, and more so the
comic artist that show their works off to the cyber world. All I've
seen are good, many I think are great, and a few have made my mouth drop! Since logging on for the first time, I've drawn
more independent pieces in these few months than I have since in school. That's because of my latest spark of inspiration,
the artist and people here on Deviant Art. I'll continue to strive for the perfection of my work, and lend a hand to those who
my need it. After all, we may have started the art thing for different season... but the art thing is what makes us who we
are. Keep the ink flowing gang!

Favourite Visual Artist
Alex Ross
Favourite Movies
Star Trek II, Star Wars-A New Hope, Lord o/t Rings
Favourite TV Shows
Star Trek, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Meco, Phil Collins, Creed
Favourite Books
Lord of the Rings, The Lion, the Witch and the Wordrobe
Favourite Games
Twisted Metal, Need for Speed, Mortal Kombat
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pen & Pencil Computer Imaging
Other Interests
model building
After working on my computer, off and on, for months! I broke down and put it in the shop.  Mind you, during the time before the shop, it would work, then for a week, then, then stop, then work again!  I got tired of the run arounds and ups and downs, so its in the shop.  Its been two weeks since it stopped working [again], and more than a week since it hospitalization, and its driving me crazy!!  I'm in the middle of a comic, which I'm very much into, a couple of Tumblr commissions (after the purge) and a few submissions, which, of course I can't finish!  I'm dying over here!  I'm submitting a few photos to cover the
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Hello my dA gang! May everyone here in America and around the world...have a fantastic Thanksgiving!  All of you are special to me, and I'm extremely thankful for you! Being here and having you superb artists as family, friends, colleagues, associates, and watchers has made me amazingly happy.  Thank you very much and have a safe and bountiful holiday or day! You're the best! Take care my friends!
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Hello Gang! This is something I've wanted to do for some time.  There are many very talented artist here on which should be featured in one way or another. My first artist to be featured is my highly gifted son, Dimitri Denkens, or as most know him, DDimitri16.  I urge all of my watchers who sees this to check out his page at .  Hope you enjoy! :thumb766005397:  :thumb766006742: :thumb764337610:                              :thumb763806945: :thumb760283236:                              :thumb758577879: :thumb753508102:                              :thumb750463294: :thumb738161126:      
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Scooby Doo, Where ARE You?!!

We miss ya, man. Did you ever get your computer fixed?!

Thank you so much my dear friend for the favorite... 🍷Cheers!!!

Polynesie Francaise
Thanks for the fave on "Experimenting".

Thanks for the "Almost Dinner" favorites, glad you like :)

Thanks for the recent faves! It's nice to have you back.