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Artist | Student | Varied
I'm a cinema arts student, digital and traditional 2D and 3D artist, cosplayer, and silly person.
I also play video games, I prefer FPS games and strategy.
My favourite genre is Cyberpunk, but I also love Steampunk, and general sci-fi and Fantasy.

I use a Wacom Draw with a variety of different software for digital art.


User shards earned: 103

Ra'am reg sheet by Captain0Dragon
Ra'am EXP: 220


[Mount Taming] - Surprise Nikyak (dark brown and black fur)

 Fel-vern - blue back fading to yellow underbelly…

Items gained: none



The main guild hall was stuffier then ever with Woolynes everywhere. Guild members and visiting mercenaries were sitting in chairs around various tables drinking and nibbling on snacks. In the kitchen, however, Crimson was pacing. "Where in the name of the northern minor gods are they?!" Nobody in the staff dared question which minor gods she was using to let out her frustrations. 
Crimson was speaking of three guild members which were sent earlier to buy ingredients. She dared not think of the possibilities of a guard catching a face from a wanted poster the guild missed and didn't take down. 
Luckily she did not have to wait long. Soon enough the three fledgeling guild members got in and ran to the kitchen with large bags full of ingredients on their backs. 
"You're late! Where have you been?!" Crimson scolded them as she helped them unpack. "We got stuck in the snow! We were on our way back when we discovered the route was blocked by piled snow!" Crimson checked everything was there with a kitchen assistant and dragged the three outside the kitchen. "Look, I don't have the time or patience to deal with your mistakes right now. Shiel!" Crimson shouted and a young Woolyne with curled horns and pale fur with darker auburn spots came running. "What is it?" She said and looked at the three standing there. "Find a fitting punishment for this lot, I'm going up to get some more chairs".
Shiel didn't argue as Crimson walked swiftly up the stairs. 

A couple of hours later everything was much more organised. The tables were in order, more chairs were added and food was being served. Crimson stood on her chair and the room went quiet. 
"Welcome everyone! I'm glad you could make it this year. As you may have guessed, due to the rising tensions we decided to celebrate a little early this year. None of us wants to have to choose between a lucrative pay and the yearly party. So this evening let us eat and drink to another successful year!" Glasses were raised cheers yelled from across the large room. Crimson smiled and sat down. Soon enough food was served. 

"I'm telling you, I wasn't alone there!" Raul said from across the table "Yeah right, you were also chosen by the gods but let them down gently in order to not cause a fuss". Laughter erupted around Crimson at Shiels joke. Most of the food was gone by now and was slowly being replaced by talking. Crimson was glad everything was going smoothly. 
She nearly cancelled the party this year. The demand for long-term bodyguards was growing with the political tensions for a couple months now, and to Crimson it seemed the coming of the winter solstice has only worsened the matters. While the demand was good for business she was growing afraid. Another war was a bad thing, even if it paid well. She wasn't sure if this was the direction of the political climate, but she hoped she was being afraid for nothing. 
Her friend from her right elbowed her gently "You alright there pal?". She guessed her grave thoughts were showing through her face. "Yeah. Just a bit worried, that's all". 
Nickael nodded "We all are. But we are here to celebrate and have fun! Not mourn a possible future." Crimson nodded and smiled. She didn't know Nickael very well. He was dating Shiel for quite some time. A hired bow and blade with a good reputation that walks slightly ahead of him. Seems like Shiel got herself a man. 

Much later, after drinks and many stories, some exciting and some just ever so slightly too tall to make sense, the people started to leave upstairs, usually in groups. Crimson remained and helped organise the place. She dreaded the headache she'll have tomorrow but also glad for it. She was happy she managed to get this thing together. The small entry fee would sustain them for supplies quite well too. 
After making sure all the kitchen staff were eating as well and making sure the door was locked and barred shut Crimson left for her upstairs room. 
She paused going through each corridor and public room, making sure nobody got lost on their way up. Apparently, she made the right decision since she found the three from earlier in one of the training toom scrubbing the floor. "What are you three doing here?" Crimson asked from the door. In the surprise one of them accidentally kicked over a bucket with water. "We are cleaning miss Crimson, just as lady Shiel instructed us". Crimson judged the squeaky clean floor and the pooling of water from the fell over bucket. "You did good. Get that mess dreid up" She pointed at the bucket "And you are free to go to bed. Just don't be late like this ever again, understood?" "Yes miss Crimson!" Crimson nodded and left the three to their job. 

As she was falling asleep she couldn't shake the feeling something very bad was coming. 
Or maybe she just ate too much. 
[Woolyne] Sweets and Stories
Well this has been fun to write! I can't wait for the new world event. 

Crimson belongs to me. 

- entry - 1 shard

Woolynes are a closed species belong to Verlidaine & LizardLizard 


Woolyne - Lunastol
A gift for OwenStardust! They have been making a lot of adorable chibis and I had to do something about it. 

Lunastol belongs to OwenStardust 
Art by me

Woolynes are a closed species Verlidaine and LizardLizard! 
Shoon REF
Made be the amazing Zieu! Check her out! 
She made a fantastic job! I really love Shoon's new design she helped me make. 

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