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All adoptables made before this post is all 5 points! :D

wolf adotables (read rules) Open by Captain-ZekoAdoptables open by Captain-ZekoAdoptables Open by Captain-Zeko
I am making a website to post more detailed descriptions of my characters and i will also post on there sketches and story boards. (not finished at all) feel free to check it out here
Should i do a youtube channel?
HAPPY NEW YEARS :HappyNewYear: Snowman fella- Happy new year (Messages) 
Happy Thanksgiving!Dancing Turkey Icon :bademoticon: :turkey Turkey 
Ahhh why all of my drawing look like cats my latest drawing was suppose to be a Fennec fox but it looks like a cat i failed :,)
hi, I am thinking about making adoptables for a new creature I designed. If you have any suggestion about the creature design before I make the adoptable I will love to hear it!
new creature idea sketch by Captain-Zeko
Hello, I made a persona that I hope to get some advice on so please leave some advice on my persona if you want thx! (also i am going to give her a green shirt so that she won't just be all brown)
Cookie Cat Head Shot by Captain-Zeko

Cookie Cat by Captain-Zeko