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Herald of Andraste

I wanted to do a ceremonial dress design for fukugami 's dragon age OC Taymir, and it became this. I'm happy with it and had a lot of fun!

Taymir is an Inquisitor with strong faith and power, but a cool and gentle nature. Add her ethereal appearance and people compare her to an angel or to Andraste herself (which she feels is blasphemous so don't say it to her face). These are ceremonial vestments for when court is held, religious holidays are celebrated, or important guests are welcomed to Skyhold.

Ref: Danika-Stock photographed by  viperdog
Dragon Age brush set: by Korbeaux
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This is a stunning design, I love how regal and glowing she looks in it! :D
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Thank you!

I'll be getting to your sketches as soon as I can. :)
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This is so lovely. Thank you for using my stock!!
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Gorgeous! :wow: Wonderful job, Savvy! :love:
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Oh wow, such a cool design! Could even be a clerical outfit.
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I took a little inspiration from the chantry robes in the game ^-^
Thank you! :hug:
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AAAAA Lovely design damn!
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