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Alora Trevelyan Outfits

A mega outfit collection for my Dragon Age OC! I've been working on this for a few days, and having a lot of fun with it. This is the first time in a long time I spent this much effort on a personal artwork. From the right we have a warm fluffy avvar robe, a lovely ballgown designed by fukugami , another evening gown, an elven inspired outfit, a casual dress, an avvar outfit, and a Fereldan inspired dress.

Background texture: by Steamrider86

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Absolutely gorgeous! Adore the elven one <3
Captain-Savvy's avatar
Thank you! :love: I really love elven outfits XD
Kya-Valentine's avatar
You're welcome :D And you're quite good at designing them!!
Berrigami's avatar
This particular AU is going to be the death of me
So many amazing outfits, Alora you're one lucky gal ! You zere very inspired :heart:
W're having so much fun, and we need a Reaver outfit now tbh
Captain-Savvy's avatar
This AU gives me life XD

Thank you so much! I love designing outfits for my girl :heart:

And yes, reaver outfit o___o I'll have to ponder on this
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These are such a gorgeous set!!! I can't decide which I like the most, her winter wear looks very cozy, the ballgown is a gorgeous shade of green and I love the plum and pink shades of her evening wear too!
Your costumes are always so inspired! Would you like me know when you're opening up your costume design commissions again? I'd love to order some from you :D
Captain-Savvy's avatar
Thank you! :love:

Right now I'm only offering the designs on the oc, but once I catch up with them I'll probably offer the other options too. I'll let you know :)
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That furr coat tho
Panartias's avatar
You should go into fashion industry! :D (Big Grin) 
Captain-Savvy's avatar
Not sure I'm cut out for it, but thank you XD
Panartias's avatar
You are welcome! :XD:
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these are such pretty outfits omg 
the detail and colors are amazing!!
Captain-Savvy's avatar
Thank you so much! <3
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I love all of them, but especially the Fereldan one! :D
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