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The Great Rift and Nebulae

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The constellation of Cygnus is home to the Northern Cross. And the Great Rift. The rift is a series of overlapping, non-luminous, molecular dust clouds that are located between the Solar System and the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy at a distance of about 300 light years from Earth. The clouds are estimated to contain about 1 million solar masses of plasma and dust.

Cygnus contains Deneb, one of the brightest stars in the night sky and one corner of the Summer Triangle, as well as some notable X-ray sources and the giant stellar association of Cygnus OB2. One of the stars of this association, NML Cygni, is one of the largest stars currently known.

The Nebulae

The North America Nebula is large, covering an area of more than four times the size of the full moon; but its surface brightness is low, so normally it cannot be seen with the unaided eye. Binoculars and telescopes with large fields of view will show it as a foggy patch of light under sufficiently dark skies.

Cygnus's Wall is a term for the "Mexico and Central America part" of the North America Nebula. The Cygnus Wall exhibits the most concentrated star formations in the nebula.

The North America Nebula and the nearby Pelican Nebula, (IC 5070) are in fact parts of the same interstellar cloud of ionized hydrogen. Between the Earth and the nebula complex lies a band of interstellar dust that absorbs the light of stars and nebulae behind it, and thereby determines the shape as we see it. The distance of the nebula complex is not precisely known, nor is the star responsible for ionizing the hydrogen so that it emits light. If the star inducing the ionization is Deneb, as some sources say, the nebula complex would be about 1800 light years distance, and its absolute size would be 100 light years.

The Veil / Network nebula is also visible in the lower right portion of the image, it is a nebula that I have previously Imaged up close with a 1000mm scope, it can be seen full size here:…

If you want to view the North America nebula up close, you can see it here:…

The Tech

Mod Canon 1100D 
Sigma 50mmA

329 lights 
5 second exposures 
97 lights at ISO 3200 -1ev in post
232 Lights at ISO 1600
No tracking or anything, just a static tripod (yup thats right, I just aimed my camera at the sky!)

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Thank you very much, I'm glad that you enjoy them :) 
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great shot :thumbsup: ;)
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Stunning work! =)
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