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Video Game Confessions featuring Captain Gamer: Poison

Based off of Doug Walker's "Video Game Confessions" series at That Guy with the Glasses.…

A series in which I take my own crack at the Video Game Confessions formula with Captain Gamer as the bartender. My style gives video game characters more relatable issues with generally positive outcomes. However, don't count out the occasional zany and tongue-in-cheek moments that the original is known for!



You can all thank :icontriplestar100: for giving me the idea after he read and commented on the prior installment.
Published:   |  Mature
© 2013 - 2021 Captain-Gamer
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Dat Girl Is Poison-the Japanese v American version

That was great & here's 1 of mine though it's more a general discussion than genre-related|
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Thank you both, from the depths of my heart. I'm trans myself, and just like the cellphone video, this was both sweet and hard to read, due to how close and constant a pain it is to us, what you portray here about companionship. Although I'm bisexual, and found my love in a beautiful genetic woman that is now my fiancee, the transgirls that like men exclusively have the hardest of times getting anywhere near a loving guy. This text was done with a perfectly clear-headed, open-minded point of view. Truly. Thank you.
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Thank you in turn for your kind feedback. I don't have much personal experience with this topic, so I wasn't even sure if I was saying anything that would resonate with a trans person. I just spoke from the heart as a decent individual. It means a lot that this meant something to you and that you'd speak up to say so.

You're welcome, thank you right back, and all the best!
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I would actually like to request your permission in translating this short story to portuguese to port on my blog. Given how many brazilians do not speak english, I write in the native language to inform other trans in here about transition and life thereafter. Obviously, the post will have the correct credits and references to your page here.

This subject not only resonates with us, it is one of the two main issues we (non-op trans) face for the rest of our lives. The other being finding a job. In the romantic scene, our problem is twofold: we offer a different sexual experience, and we carry a high social stigma for our partners. This second problem has two causes: we're usually seen as men, due to our genitalia, or prostitutes, due to social (un)awareness. So a male partner is usually seen as gay and a client. The result is, 99% of the time a man shows interest in us, it is exclusively sexual, and very stealthly.

Anyway. I think most of my readers will relate to the story :)
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Go for it! I'm curious to see how it would end up after translation. When you're done, give me a link. Good luck!
viamonte's avatar…

That's the link of the translated post. Yeah, I ended up doing it before your answer, but I can obviously edit later. ^^
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I finalyl decided to get on it with, but there's a doubt lingering. I'd like to ask you to rephrase the meaning of this sentence: "We see the message back, and it's actually a nice, rousing sendoff." I'm not sure I'm totally clear on the "rousing sendoff" part as to translate it effectively.

Thank you :)
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Ah! Sorry for not responding back in time.

"Rousing" generally refers to something that's motivational and full of emotion. For this use, the phrase "sweet goodbye" is easier to translate.

I hope that helps in editing. And thank you again for your interest! It is very flattering to have my writing translated to another language.
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a million thanx to you for taking the time off your schedule to do this, Cap! I most definitely appreciate it! as for the VGC-style artwork, I'm looking for a Pixel Palace logo to make the whole thing look legit. soon as I get one on Google images or here at DA, I'll get right on both Cammy's & this one's right be set as companion pieces. the part with the Space marines was just spot-on wonder Duke Nukem wants very little to do with them- and this is Duke we're talking about here- and Team Starfox talk very badly of them too; but the part with Princes Ruto really had me rolling; I can only imagine what that was about, knowing her! keep up the great work!
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You are very welcome. I only gave this a curious look at first, but the more I looked into the story the more it intrigued me. And, well, an intriguing idea is a seed to me. I'm glad you found the comedy bits to your liking. I'm still working on my ability to write "zany" humor.

Thanks again for the bump and idea!
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