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A Little Help From My Friends

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Published: January 12, 2008
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(It was supposed to be "WITH a little help from my friends" for the full Beatles reference, stupid character limit...)

ANYWAY! Here we have the..._companion_ piece, ha ha I'm so clever, to my "Ten Little Time Lords"--the Doctor's Companions!

ALL of them!

Well all the main ones.

Edit: Now with more Donna! ("More" in this case meaning, "any at all".)

FROM left to right...

Top row:
1. Susan Foreman
2. Ian Chesterton
3. Barbara Wright
4. Vicki
5. Steven Taylor
6. Dorothea "Dodo" Chaplet
7. Polly Wright (no relation)
8. Ben Jackson.

Second row:
1. James Robert "Jamie" McCrimmon
2. Victoria Waterfield
3. Zoe Heriot
4. Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
5. Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Shaw
6. Josephine "Jo" Grant
7. Sarah Jane Smith
8. Harry Sullivan

Third row:
1. Leela
2 AND 3: Romana(dvoratrelundar)
4. Adric
5. Nyssa
6. Tegan Jovanka
7. Vislor Turlough
8. Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown

Last row:
1. Melanie "Mel" Bush
2. Dorothy "Ace" McShane
3. Grace Holloway
4. Rose Tyler
5. Mickey Smith (no relation again)
6. Captain Jack Harkness
7. Martha Jones
8. Donna Noble


Note: The Brig and Captain Jack here were actually done by my friend mpudifoot; used with permission.

Q. Where is (Companion you didn't use)?

A. This was already huge to the point of being ridiculous (and not even funny) so I had to have a few restrictions:

1. No one or short-time Companions--so, no Katarina or, much as I liked her, Sara Kingdom. Or Duggan from "City of Death", or Laurence Scarman from "Pyramids of Mars", no Adam (thank goodness), get the idea.

Grace is here under sufferance, as unless I go to the radio universe, she's the only representation Eight gets here at all.

2. While I'm on that, no radio stuff. I only vaguely know those; I haven't heard them yet. And the characters don't have as iconic, recognisable _looks_ as the TV ones do, anyway. Much as I'd LIKE to include, say, Evelyn or Charley...

3. No side-associates. So, the Brig yes, Benton and/or Yates, no. Jack yes, other Torchwood people, no. Until they actually travel with the Doctor more than once, or work with him quite a bit in significant ways without travelling, in more than one story.

4. Uh, the South Park generator can only do humanoids, so...sorry K-9. And Kamelion.

Anyway...this took me longer to do than it may look like (many of them have completely from-the-ground-up costumes and most were at least heavily modified) so I hope you find at least one thing here to like. Enjoy!

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Interesting And Brillant!!
fartfox53's avatar
Interesting And Brillant!!
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Revolution-NeinStudent General Artist
There is something particularly great about Harry and Ace. Especially Ace.
Captain-Chaotica's avatar
Captain-ChaoticaHobbyist General Artist
Heh, thanks. Yeah, Ace seems to be everyone's favourite in this picture. Also, I love your username. :)

neowallachia's avatar
Brill! We use them as bookmarks xD
Captain-Chaotica's avatar
Captain-ChaoticaHobbyist General Artist
Awesome. Lemme know how they look that way! :)

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roboblob223Hobbyist General Artist
I named all of these people without having to look at the description. I'm so proud of myself. Anyway, I love it.
Captain-Chaotica's avatar
Captain-ChaoticaHobbyist General Artist
Awww. Thanks. And yay, another dyed-in the wool Whovian! :)

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I'm amazed by the sheer likeness of so many of these!
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Captain-ChaoticaHobbyist General Artist
Aww, thanks. I tried my best for that. :)

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Though... I think it's a little harsh missing out Benton and Yates, because in my opinion they are no more 'side-associates' than Liz Shaw, who was also a member of UNIT (like Jo and Harry), and you included her. Hell, she never even travelled in the TARDIS and Benton DID. Also, despite his earlier betrayal, Mike really did help out in The Planet of Spiders.

They were certainly his friends, that's for sure.
Captain-Chaotica's avatar
Captain-ChaoticaHobbyist General Artist
Oh, I agree--I always liked those two, myself, and I totally agree with you on Mike Yates. Having not read a _single_ spoiler ahead of time (for ONCE, with this show--can somebody _please_ tell the squeeing fangirls to freaking USE SPOILER TAGS when they talk about the new series?) I was downright _irked at how he was written in "Invasion of the Dinosaurs"--and then relieved to see how he redeemed himself and turned out to be a good guy after all in "Planet of the Spiders".
And Benton is just sweet.

But I had to draw the line somewhere, and if I included those two, then that brings up all the _other_ side/one-time associates and I have to decide whether or not to include each of THEM, and no matter how many or how few I include, there will be someone who disagrees with me on at least one of them...

So it seemed simpler to just not include "side-associates" at all. Simpler--and less space taken up on the picture! (I mean--look how huge this thing is at full download resolution. And this is WITHOUT side people or Season-5 on, or radio characters, or...)
However, I do count Liz Shaw as a full Companion because...well, she WAS the secondary main character of that season, I like her, I consider her more of a "proper" Companion for the Doctor than _most_ others because her personality and brains made her feel more like an equal than "GASP! What is _that_, Doctor?!" (but I kid--kinda)'s not her fault that she didn't travel in the TARDIS, 'cos the _Doctor_ didn't get to travel in the TARDIS that entire season. That's just how it went down.

Which is odd, 'cos that's one of my favourite seasons of the whole show...

cavatappimonster's avatar
I know I love that season too! It's sooo... domestic :D. My little fan-girl brain keeps coming up with adorable ideas of them all bumping into eachother in the kitchen of UNIT HQ in the middle of the night for coffee wearing bunny slippers etc... (Yes. I'm weird).

It's just.. I don't count Benton and Yates as side associates. It makes them seem as if they just stood there and never helped, or that the Doctor didn't really care about them, because he DID. I dunno - I mean, I don't count one-time associates either (like Astrid and Sara Kingdom) as companions, but I just COULDN'T lump Sergeant Sweet-cheeks in the same category as them. After all, he knew and worked with three incarnations of the Doctor... which is more than most of the 'official companions' can claim.

Yeah, I KNOW it's entirely your decision but I'm determined to try and persuade you anyway :D
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Captain-ChaoticaHobbyist General Artist
I know! I love exactly what you said about that season--that it seems so..."domestic" and do you know, you are the VERY FIRST PERSON I have _ever_ heard say that, besides myself! Up until now the most I've gotten is people not (openly) looking at me like I'm crazy when _I_ say it to them. :P But yeah--that scene at the beginning of "The Ambassadors of Death", when Three and Liz are sipping tea together in his redone-like-a-cozy-Victorian-mad-scientist's-study version of the TARDIS control room (which I loved, and wish they could've kept a little longer) when the news comes on, and then they watch it together...just such an adorable little scene. I totally pictured them just hangin' together before that, when not on an actual mission, because they felt like it.

(Also, on a darker note, "Inferno" is still one of THE best serials of the show _ever_, and having now seen (or heard while watching photo-captures) every single classic serial and up through the end of Season 3 of the new series (plus Torchwood Season 1 and most of Sarah Jane Season 1), I STILL have seen nothing to change my opinion on that. Note that I'm not saying it's the _only_ good one, just that it's one of the best.)

And I do agree with you on Benton and Yates, really I do, just...well, (a) there _is not room_ for them on the current picture. And (b), more importantly...I have a REALLY strong thing against going back and adding new stuff to pictures of mine that are old enough to make a difference. Like, a year older or more. It'd be like when George Lucas added newer effects to the original Star Wars movies as if they never looked 1970s/'80s No, I don't do that. I made the original of this over two years ago and I'm sure something about my style would be different now, so, no. It was done the way it was done and that's it. If I had just barely finished I'd consider it, but not after two years and change.
I might do another one someday--but the problem is, I'd have to just repeat all the Companions I already had, and that'd be boring/lazy/cheap.

If it makes you feel any better, however, when I made up Three's "household" in my Sims 2 game? I DID include Benton and Yates in THAT lineup. :P In fact, I've got a group shot of them all posed together around here somewhere...

cavatappimonster's avatar
Oh that's ADORABLE XD Them all in a Sims House *FLAILS*

Yeah - I seem to remember enjoying 'Inferno' too! It's just something about the fact that the entire story is based around the fact that Lethbridge-Stewart looks better with a moustache :lol: (And strangely enough, I actually agree) I wouldn't say it was my definite favourite though. Although I haven't finished my Classic-Who Catch-up yet. I started in July and I'm now half way through Tom Baker's first season. I'm going to miss UNIT SOO much :tears:. Then again... I was pining over Two and Jamie for long enough.

And yeah. Isee your point. I'm just glad you do actually appreciate them and that's what matters the most :D I probably wouldn't even be complaining it's just that I met John Levene (Sgt Benton) last week and he was SUCH a lovely guy :D
Captain-Chaotica's avatar
Captain-ChaoticaHobbyist General Artist
Hahah. Even better--the house also includes Delgado-Master. AND...Five, Tegan, Nyssa, Adric and a servo I named "Kamelion" (OH yeah. In case you didn't already know, there are robots in the game!) live down the street, and One, Ian, Barbara, and Susan live nearby too. Also in the same town is my (not made by me, but awesome) Sim-HOGWARTS, full of all kinds of wizards and witches that actually show up at the grocery store on broomsticks (oh yeah--there are also witches. I made sure Lupin was a werewolf, too), a few X-Men, and a couple Golden Age superheroes.
...and they're all friends with each other. Seriously, Susan and Rogue keep coming home with the Hogwarts teenagers and then hanging out around the castle all day. :P

...I LOVE my Sims neighborhoods. ;)
(Where are the other Doctors? I spread them and the Companions out amongst my neighborhoods so that _every_ town would get at least a little Time Lord goodness! Though Veronaville is still very definitely my most interesting 'hood.)

Oh, I'm not quite sure if Inferno is my VERY favourite? But it is one of the tightest, most intense, darkest but in a _good_ way serials I've seen, and I'm pretty freaking picky about "dark". It has to be EXACTLY in a very narrow range and presented/flavoured _just_ the right way before _I_ say something is dark but GOOD. I'd also put "Genesis of the Daleks" up there--which has a similar feel, come to think of it--and a few others. Oh, "City of Death" is FREAKING AWESOME! And speaking of Two, there's "The War Games", and then Five of course had...I'm'a have to be cliche here and say that I liked his _last_ one, "Caves of Androzani" best, but only because it was really quite good, and...

...but, when it comes right down to it, "Inferno" is the first one that not only wowed my own but my entire family's (including the jaded, cynical members) socks RIGHT off, _and_ has Three, the Brig, and Liz. Pretty freaking hard to beat.

Anyway, wow, somebody else actually doing the full-out Classic Who Catchup? WHOO-HOO, I'm not the only one that insa--I mean, good luck! It's a long journey, but quite worth it, I think. :) The _things_ you understand better in the newer series once you've seen the original sources in CONTEXT, rather than just looking them up on Wikipedia or whatever...

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Oh, I laughed. A lot. Ace is made of awesomeness. XD
Captain-Chaotica's avatar
Captain-ChaoticaHobbyist General Artist
Heheh. Thanks. And yes, she is. :)

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barmybritishbirdHobbyist General Artist
This is great! You rock!
Captain-Chaotica's avatar
Captain-ChaoticaHobbyist General Artist
Aww, thanks! :)

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Love It! You should see my set of the Doctors to go with this! :)
Captain-Chaotica's avatar
Captain-ChaoticaHobbyist General Artist
Hehe. Actually, I've got one too! :) Although it doesn't have Eleven in it, 'cos I made it a good bit before he came along. I might make a South Parkized version of him sometime...not sure if seperately or with others.

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human-grovebackProfessional Artist
Ace was the most violent companion. SHE HAD HER OWN WEAPON, PEOPLE!
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