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killing in the name of

By capt-toenail
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And now you do what they told you
But now you do what they told you
Well now you do what they told you

nothing gets to me like rage against the machine... and the ending of bambi..
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giving it to the man!
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yup yup stickin' it :D
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Awesome!!! RATM rules!!!
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thanks :)
sorry for the REALLY late reply
Loving the fist man, awesome.
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awesome.. wish i'd got the chance to see them live
capt-toenail's avatar
yeah me too. too bad they disbanded.
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This is simply a class act! Fucken awesome! I'mma fav this... go RATM (or whatever's left of them)!
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haha thanks
i miss morello's experimentation and the way they end most of their songs with a bang
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Yeah I miss that too... but Audioslave's churning out some good ones now isn't it? I know how RATM fans go on about how it doesn't compare but well... I'm a huge fan...
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yeah i like some of audioslaves' songs but mostly just for the music
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You don't like the vox? Man, I used to love soundgarden too so I think Audioslave's a great venture...
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man this conveys so much.letting everything inside blast iam feeling the same way with my life.
Right fucking on, dude. That's hardcore.
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great image great purpuse great all...beautifull strong msg! love it.
ratm kicks ass!
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cool! ratm rock!
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thanks, ratm is awesome :)
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It's in a similar vain for me...
Rage Against the powerful.
Them, and Jeff Buckley...
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ive only heard jeff's 'the sky is a landfill'
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