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The Crusaders Get Their Cutie Marks

By Capt-Nemo
HOLY CRAP CAPT-NEMO IS ALIVE WHAT DID HE MAKE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS IT MUST BE SOMETHING AMAZIN- oh, it's just a screenshot vectoring. Booooring! :iconpinkiepieboringplz:

Rest assured I am not dead. I am still part of the pony fandom and still love watching the show and participating in the community. I just haven't done any art in forever... but maybe that will change soon!

And wow, that episode! I couldn't have asked for a better 5-year anniversary episode! :D

This vector took about 20-25 hours (not including the background, which I had already done from a different project). I don't feel it's quite up to my usual standard of quality, but it should still be very good. Hope you like it! You can hit download to see the full resolution (3840x3450px).

Warning - Not my best work, behind the scenes! There's inconsistencies and some silly stuff, but there is the source if you're interested.
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The almost alive post was the real drama in this story. <3
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can i use it to make the characters of angry birds in the photo like family
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All that's left are the other fillies that have no cutiemark.
Belated Welcome back!
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I love this picture, my only issue is Button Mash.

The show-makers have ruined his image by changing his colors and the way his mane looks when it's seen from the front makes it look like an entirely different mane!
kyvannshrike's avatar
Glad you're alive.
Frozen-Fairyfire's avatar

The magical moment where everyone cares you finally got one :aww:

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Wow! That's a lot of work!

Is there a chance you share the .SVG? :)
thatguy1945's avatar
Thanks! :)

Paying attention to the details makes me tip my hat to you, sir! ;)

Also, damn Dashie! Why you so cute here!? :squee:
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Button's in the pic!  Button's in the pic!
Phaedrolous's avatar
He's a favorite of mine.
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Sweet Celestia; it's full of pixels.
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Wow, that's  a big work, it really pays off. :)
It's good to see, if only to verify something I didn't think of until later.  You know the show has changed when Rainbow Dash is waiting patiently on the ground for a picture and FLUTTERSHY is one on the only ponies flying!
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The theory goes by normally it's the opposite, but RD has to be near with Scootaloo for such an achievement, so she swap place with Fluttershy on the flying.
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Awesomely done!

...I still don't know what the deal is with that pale pegasus filly at the top there, though.  A stand-in for Snowdrop, perhaps?
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Just some background filly, seems like. The fandom calls her Cotton Cloudy.
That's Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps' daughter, Flitterthighs.
MasterGraveheart's avatar

Well, nevertheless, great work!
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