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The Crusaders Get Their Cutie Marks



HOLY CRAP CAPT-NEMO IS ALIVE WHAT DID HE MAKE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS IT MUST BE SOMETHING AMAZIN- oh, it's just a screenshot vectoring. Booooring! :iconpinkiepieboringplz:

Rest assured I am not dead. I am still part of the pony fandom and still love watching the show and participating in the community. I just haven't done any art in forever... but maybe that will change soon!

And wow, that episode! I couldn't have asked for a better 5-year anniversary episode! :D

This vector took about 20-25 hours (not including the background, which I had already done from a different project). I don't feel it's quite up to my usual standard of quality, but it should still be very good. Hope you like it! You can hit download to see the full resolution (3840x3450px).

Warning - Not my best work, behind the scenes! There's inconsistencies and some silly stuff, but there is the source if you're interested.
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The almost alive post was the real drama in this story. <3