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Illustrator/Vector Tutorial Part Two

Part two of my vector tutorial.

Part One: [link]

Edit: Somebody told me there is a sweet tool in Illustrator CS5 called the Width Tool. It lets you change the width of lines at specific points without having to convert strokes to outlines! I suggest you use that. Check out this tutorial: [link]
All you need to do is add a width point at the end of the stroke, double-click it, and change the total width to zero.

Edit two: I was informed of the "Draw Inside" tool also found in CS5. This tool automates the usage of clipping masks and makes them much easier to use. Check out a video here!
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Which version of illustrator is it? 
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Illustrator 10.
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Gimp isn't any vectoring program, it's raster program. even if it has path tool. Real vector lines don't blur when you zoom. Exported are in .SVG format. 

Please Here:…
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thanks, so will this work on G.I.M.P?
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Gimp isn't a program used specifically for vectoring, so no.
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what program would you suggest?
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You could use the program listed here, Illustrator but it costs money. You can also try Inkscape, which is free. I suggest using Inkscape if you're not willing to spend some money. Illustrator is pretty good too. Photoshop is another option you can try.
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thanks 4 the tip!
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hat program did u ue?
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Uh, Illustrator? :P
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uhh Illustrator link please?
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I am really grateful of this tutorial... i gotta to thank you very much
With a vector knowledge... Now it's time to to get to the next level.. Time to learn Animation xD
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I love animation xD
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I have a problem : when I try to save my image for the Web, it says it is too big (5000x5000, very heavy background). Can I still export my vector in PNG, and in a good quality ? (Illustrator CS5)
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Yeah, that's one issue I've had before. Can't you just click okay and do it anyway? Otherwise, I'd say you might have to scale it down a bit. Or maybe there's another export option? Save as copy, perhaps?
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First I get a warning : something like "The image is very big , error can occur" and when I click okay, the preview box and the error message come out. I've tried to ignore the error, but when I save in PNG-24 (same thing in PNG-8 or even JPEG), it brings out the same error and refuse to save my work as an image. When I try "Export", only the 72ppi works, and it takes everything (I work in a 5000*5000 square, but the final PNG is 7000*9000 and shows what is out of my worksquare)

I think I found a solution : export it in 72ppi ( :/ ) and then crop it in Photoshop. => Save for the Web, the warning message is still here, but it can export it as a PNG !
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Well, 72ppi is fine unless you're printing it. Your solution works, though. Sorry there's nothing more elegant! Like it says, Save for Web wasn't made for that kind of image size (I mean really, what web site would have a 5k image on it?).

I think it has to do with the image size, not dimensions. So if it were 9000x1000 (9mil pixels) it might work, but 5000x5000 (25mil pixels) is too much.
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I just want to thank you, this tutorial was really easy to follow and now I know how to work with vectors! :D

(Final result: [link])
Thank you!
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(Using Illustrator CS6)

I think I got a little carried away with the number of layers in my image. :/

It's exceedingly difficult to create fills without selecting a bunch of lines and layers I don't want to touch. I don't suppose there would happen to be some kind of paintbucket, magic wand, or simple fill tool? ^^;

(Curse my dependence on photoshop...)
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Oh yeah, the new ones have some kind of overkill snapping feature, don't they? There should be some way to turn that off in the options. Or, you could select the fill, right-click it, and send it to another layer (Under Arrange > Send to Current Layer).

There may be some kind of fill tool... I'm not familiar with the new versions. D: I know, I use Photoshop all the time, too! That's one of the downsides to vectors, though. You lose stuff like paint buckets and selection wands. You can try Google, though. That might help. :P
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It might sound a little convoluted, but I think I found a solution. I can export my lines into flash and use the fill bucket to easily fill in the white space and still keep the whole thing a vector image.

I'll let you know how it works out. ;)
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All right, whatever works for you! =P I've done some crazy things myself that I'd consider bad practice! Quite a bit more than I probably should, actually...
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