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Illustrator/Vector Tutorial Part One


Sorry the tutorial is so long, but that's just how I make 'em! Hopefully it'll be useful to you all.

Part Two: [link]

Edit: Somebody told me there is a sweet tool in Illustrator CS5 called the Width Tool. It lets you change the width of lines at specific points without having to convert strokes to outlines! I suggest you use that. Check out this tutorial: [link]
All you need to do is add a width point at the end of the stroke, double-click it, and change the total width to zero.

Edit two: I was informed of the "Draw Inside" tool also found in CS5. This tool automates the usage of clipping masks and makes them much easier to use. Check out a video here!

Here is the finished vector: [link]

And you can download the SVG here, layers and everything: [link]

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm here to help.
If you find any errors, please tell me so I can fix them.
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Why the brush stroke isn't willing to convert the same way. Shame on that tool ~ may it be ashamed! :)
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Wow, now that I look at it, while zoomed out, it really does look long. :D

Either way, it showed me some essential steps, which I could do nothing without ~ regardless of my experience with Adobe products. For that, I thank you!

Hopefully, I'll be able to do stuff, like pasting a vector part on top of another to make an exact "cut" ~ just like things work in flash, if you try to put them on each other.
SynestheticSoul's avatar
Tut is amazing. I didn't know you could turn lines into fills like that! Would have saved me a lot of time if I did! =P
Asg16-4's avatar
lots of text lol you need to make a video LOL
Timeless-Prophecy's avatar
Drink a coffee, and it won't be boring to read.

Videos are great, but you remember what you read more easily.
Andro010's avatar
Thank you so much... this tutorial helpd me a lot :D
Capt-Nemo's avatar
Adobe Illustrator 10, though it should work with most versions of Illustrator.
Tory-Kasper's avatar
Thank you so much for this! I made a thing with it. :)
I know it's not that great but it was my first attempt at a vector. I had some difficulty because of the differences between Photoshop and Illustrator, but I like it and I never would have figured it out without you. So thanks so much! ^_^
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After tranforming the lines to outlines, there is a way to change them back to lines?
Capt-Nemo's avatar
Unfortunately, no. :( That's why you have to make sure you have the lines right before you change them, or it's a pain to move them around afterwards.

If you have CS5, though, you can actually use the width tool instead, and that does let you edit the lines easily. Check out the description for a link on how to use it,
Luchocas's avatar
Thanks for the quick answer.
I use CS6. But sometimes I find better to turn the line into outline than using the width tool.
Capt-Nemo's avatar
No problem! Unfortunately, you'll have to use the width tool if you want to easily adjust your lines afterwards. If you can manage otherwise, then awesome.
MattsyKun's avatar
This.....this is so helpful :D I finally understand how to do vectors in this program! Thank you SO MUCh.
Senwe45's avatar
It seems so usefull... I'm gonna try it! :3
craptastics's avatar
hi. i have been trying to use this tutorial but the way to make thin ends is just not explained well enough. what do you mean by "select the end bit and delete it"? i can't select the little nodes or whatever, nothing happens when i click them, and when i drag and select HALF of the line disappears when i click delete. there's no little lines i can move, the whole line just moves when i try.

this is beyond frustrating.
Capt-Nemo's avatar
Right, I do realize that wasn't super well-explained... So, after you convert the path to outlines, select the Direct Selection Tool (the white arrow). Now, imagine you have a long rectangle. There's two ends on it - the short line segments. You have to click on that end line segment, then hit delete. Only the end line segment should disappear. Don't click and drag, just click once on the end line segment. If the whole thing disappears when you hit delete, you accidentally clicked inside the shape, thus selecting the whole thing, not just the line. Try again.

If you still can't get it after that, ask again and I'll make a diagram for you. :)
MattsyKun's avatar
Oooh, thanks for this. XD This makes SO much sense now!
craptastics's avatar
that was much better explained. i'll try again, in like, two days, because it's late and tomorrow i have things to do so yeah. but thanks, i'll let you know if it works c:
ZearouAyedea's avatar
Oh, my bucking pony... I just finished making my first vector art of my changeling OC. I wish I had known about the "Draw Inside" tool.
SliatXD's avatar
Podrían por favor hacer éstas cosas en español?? :c Batallo muchísimo tengo tiempo queriendo hacer ponies en vectoriales pero no hallo nada que me explique en español...
Capt-Nemo's avatar
Lo siento, no sé españoles, sólo puedo utilizar Google Translate. Yo no voy a traducir todo el asunto. Tal vez usted puede encontrar algunos videos que ayudan?
Drumerforlife's avatar
i can help with this, i speak spanish (first language :) )
ArtOfReverie's avatar
I'm having tons of issues with the anchor handles. Doing big mac(if that matters), I notice I am having lots of issues knowing when to put in an anchor point with or without a handle, and when I do, a lot of the time I find it goes all bonkers sometimes and the directions are wrong, or the end cap is rounded when I want it sharp or sharp when I want it rounded. I also find that even on a simple round edge like the rump, I am having issues getting a nice curve without random little hiccups in it. I couldn't really explain it better unless I showed you in video of me doing it(which I can do) or if I simply sent you the file as it stands. I really want to be able to make vectors of my own for animation in flash, but this is really turning out to be a big hurdle for me.
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