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I Couldn't Save You
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Published: September 19, 2012
Hope you guys like sad comics...

Have a mediocre one.
EDIT5: Okay, okay, it's not mediocre. It's definitely a cheap shot, though.

EDIT: Crapcrapcrapcrap I forgot her wings in like 3 panels! Don't upload this anywhere until I fix it...
EDIT2: Okay, all fixed!

Edit 3, 10/30/2012 - Aww man, EqD... this comic isn't good enough for the general populace! It was far too lazy!

Edit 4, 11/22/2012 - iBronyRD has made a video of this! It made even me sad. I think it's pretty well-done.…
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VL32Student General Artist
:iconsadpoutdashplz:: I'm supposed to be the fastest, but I was too slow to save my buddy.
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CT-2525Student General Artist
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yuettung116Student Artist
Can I make this into base?
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glompbunHobbyist Artist
me at the beginning: " oh.. i think Scoots has been crashed or had an accident.. idk"
me at the fourth panel: "....oh! okay.. i think RD couldn't save her. ( i wasn't looking at the title i was ) "
me at the last panel: " yep... love the comic.. quq "
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Darn it Mary Jane!

I mean, Gwen Stacy!

I mean...never mind.
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DorkyFallenAngelHobbyist General Artist
First, how dare you
Second, HOW DARE YOU?!!!!!
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Scootalo I So sorry I Sorry *Snif*
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Scootaloo quietly stood off to the side, watching her mentor cry at the small memorial. Ghostly bandages wrapped around her bloodstained torso, holding her together, even though she bore none of the injuries that had taken her life. More bandages wrapped like a headband around her forehead. Her wings were free of the bandages, her wings glowing more brightly than the rest of her. More corporeal. 

She knew that Rainbow Dash had tried her best. That she hadn't meant for it to happen. Scootaloo had simply been to far away, to far for even Dashie's speed to have caught her in time. It simply was not enough. And even then, it was not Rainbow's fault. Even now, Scootaloo was not sure what had happened. Something had struck her in the head, and she knew no more.

Standing, she trotted closer, reaching out to embrace her mentor, her friend. . . . her big sister. "I forgive you." she whispers, nuzzling Rainbow's cheek. "It's okay. You did your best; I love you, big sis."

Rainbow gasped, eyes widening as she went stiff. "Sc-scoots?" she stuttered softly to the open air.

Scootaloo backed away as Rainbow stood and looked all around herself in confusion, before her gaze shifted to the moon. She cracked a tiny smile. "Love you too, Scootaloo.

Smiling a little herself, sadly, Scootaloo called out, "Goodbye." Her spirit glowed more brightly.

Rainbow flinched at the sharp flash of orange and purple light; for just a moment, Scootaloo stood before her, wings outstretched, a forgiving smile on her face; and then she was gone. Her spirit faded away, and she was released from this world to the next.

( . . . .I cope with sadness by writing angsty stuff.)
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Binkyt11Hobbyist General Artist
That's why good mate. :huggle:
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Binkyt11Hobbyist General Artist

I'm sorry about that, I was drawing and my hand was a little sore. ^^; That little story you added was very sweet.
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Ah, thanks. Yeesh, that was nearly a year ago! Glad you liked it. I tend to add tidbits abs such to pictures that provoke especially strong emotions. . . Or if my emotions ate already pained, but whatever.
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DragonBlitz85Hobbyist General Artist
... why do you make these?
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swirlieeStudent General Artist
Its really depressing... 

Bye! I will cry in a corner!
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sweetielunaStudent Artist
OH GOD she died why would you make this i am now emotion scarred now and i kinda want to die cause i am depressed now that is the saddest thing ever and what happend to her and what happend to Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom?
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mucicalart111217Student Traditional Artist
flor de manzana de su muerte ¡¡sin Scootaloo imagen .bean llama el último Scootaloo cruzado y belle swetie flor de manzana se creía Scootaloo muertos Él pone su casco en la cruz y swetie belle la capa. I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. 
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Scootaloo/Applebloom/Sweetie belle is a girl
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MeeparsStudent Digital Artist
That's...really depressing.Sad Pony I like it!
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0Pancake0Hobbyist Digital Artist
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So, her beloved idol couldn't save her from dying!Priceless!

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How did Scootaloo die?
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she tried to be a bird
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You mean Scootaloo tried to fly like Rainbow Dash?
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