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The Beach at Besaid

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Wakka is probably my favourite FF male character. Probably. He was adorable. :love: One thing about the FFX characters, though... I wish they had second names. They seem less complete or less important/interesting (?) as characters because all they have is one name. One name doesn't define them enough for me. It's not a huge deal, but I just wonder why they didn't bother coming up with surnames this time around.

This came about because I had a dream the other night in which Wakka featured breifly. He, and a human version of Valefor, needed rescuing and it was up to me to do that. I'm not sure why I dreamt about Wakka OR Valefor because I haven't played FFX in ages but who knows why we dream what we do. *shrugs*

I'm *really* happy with how this turned out. To begin with, I had just sketched Wakka's face after my dream to satisfy the urge to draw him but I decided to put some effort into the pic because I thought it'd be worth it. I think I was right. Now I just need to draw another chibi Wakka. :3

I really should stop drawing SO much fanart. x_x
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THEKIDWITHAKNIFEStudent General Artist
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so sexy hot i love it
added to favourites
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ArtsyVana General Artist
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Hey wakka + besaid backdrop = awesome


could I request a yuna illustration XD

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Yay Wakka! That dream sounds awesome BTW Lol
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RobertCHEEKSHobbyist General Artist
This is amazing, not many people do Wakka fan art.
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! Not many people seem to like Wakka which is prob why there's not much fan art. :/
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RobertCHEEKSHobbyist General Artist
No problem.
Yeah, I don't know why, I think he's a great character.
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That is gorgeous! :+favlove:
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Oooo... gorgeous. Or, at least, the background is gorgeous. I don't know if Wakka's gorgeous.. he's more... handsome. XD And manly. I love this picture. You're right, it did turn out great. I usually try to use constructive criticism... but I can't think what to say about this picture. It's all so perfect. Which is why I fave you!
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I don't really like Wakka to begin with,but this is so nicely the colours!
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Neither do I, but he looks shmexy there...
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this is an awesome pic, love the colours, well done ^___^
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I like Tidus AND WAKKA! XD fave!
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I'm with you on the name thing -- it bugs me big time! I wish they had birthdays, too. XD Ahem.

But anyway, this picture is gorgeous. I love all of it, including the background -- those clouds rock!
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That's really good, Wakka's got a bit of a beared doesn't he (not a big beared just like, unshaven chin or whatever), -very- nice work :P.
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AnsemaruStudent Digital Artist
Yay! :heart: Wakka is my favorite character! This is an awesome picture. I love any picture of Wakka.
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awww his face expression is so cute
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i agree, wakka is just the cutest! :love: he is my favorite ffx male character too! :+fav: :blowkiss:
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Yaaaay! Wakka! The best FF male character *__*

Hm... Isn't it strange, that he's the boyfriend of the ultimate female character of FFX and the best-best-best black mage of all FF's? O-o
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know about strange, but it's cool that he wasn't paired up with a crappy female! Lulu and Wakka are both awesome. <3

Thanks heaps for the fave! :3
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id52 Digital Artist
Great job on Wakka and I love how you did the beach. Makes me wish it was summer again. *sigh*
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
Summer sucks. ; - ; I hate hot weather.
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