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Chibi Ward

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Ward :heart:

For some reason, I really liked Ward. o.O He was hardly in the game, and he didn't even speak for half the time he *was* in it, but still there was something about him.

I didn't have a reference pic to use for this so I'm not 100% sure if I got his costume right. It looks close enough to me, though.
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VelkynKarmaHobbyist Digital Artist
I always loved the fact that his weapon is a massive anchor. That was just cool.

Nice rendition of him chibi. ^^

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saintfighteraquaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ward was very awesome!
Not often you see someone like him in FF.
He should make a comeback in a spin off or in KH.
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KoniraThaxProfessional Traditional Artist
He's soooo cuuutee!!
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TonomuraBixHobbyist Traditional Artist
I really liked Ward too! ^^ And Kiros.. and of course Laguna. :heart: What a goofball... but it's great to see Ward get such a cute fanart for himself! :D
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Awwww sooooo cute you have to do kiros now as you've done the other two I really liked Kiros actually even though Laguna was my fav out of those three I liked Kiros heaps
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AshethStudent Artist
<333 Ward, and Chibi Ward is even better <33 ^_^~
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loving the anchor!
spot on with the costume btw! ^_^
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!1 Ward was the best character to have less than 50 lines in the game!!!!!!!!!!! I still prefer... perfer... (whatever) laguna.
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WOW!!! WARD!!! * _ * as mad!!! But... a few error has it already, but
well you did not have were present... there can one still over it away
see ^^ only for the next time as memory: Ward does not carry a pair of
overalls, belts ^^;
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katroverHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes! The only Final Fantasy character to fight with an ANCHOR!! Such an unconventional weapon!

"Good thing you don't look like your father."
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thats me ward my favorite charactore of the game this is soo cool
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ahahahah!!! I LOVE HIS ANCHOR!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheLeblancSyndicate's avatar
Ward rocked so hard
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
Totally. :D
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wow awesome
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Laguna, him and Kiros were a funny trio in my oppinion :D quite amusing. too bad ward lost his ability to talk...anyway. he looks cute :D good job!
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
I agree - they were a great trio. So funny but they cared about each other. Aww... *remenicses*
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they were funny indeed XD especially the scene in the hotel...with the woman at the piano and laguna getting cramps in his leg XD that was so funny XD
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yei! hehehe. I remember the second time playing through (I had to do it twice cause I went all the way to Ultimacia's castle, saved and then found I really couldn't bveat her without the Lion Heart ;_; not that when I had it.. it came out very often.. but anyways) the second time through, when you got to play as Laguna and the gang I made it a point to see thier overdrive thingies (forgot what they called them in VIII ) hehe. I can't remember Ward's but he was cool. I liked his personality even after he went mute (when you met him as Squall) :heart: :glomp: 's the tiny (yet hugs) anchor thingie :heart:
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
How annoying! I would've been annoyed having to do that! :o

Now that you mention it, I don't think I've seen Kiros or Ward's limit break. o.O (I think they were called limit breaks :o ) I know I always liked Laguna's. It was very Indianna Jones with the grenade and the swinging while shooting thing. :D
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yeah but I always wondered 'where the heck is that rope attached to?' ^^
That's why I did that, so I could see them (first time I didn't even care or wonder if they even had them ^^ )
but Laguna is seeexy :heart; ^^ and seemed like the type of guy I could be freinds with ^^ *
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killerkitty159Student Photographer
He's so cute! even with that rather large threatening wepan(horrible spelling) he's still cute. Keep it up! woot!
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lol this is so
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