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Chibi Silver Haired Men

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The set. I always intended to have them separately for those who only like one or two and together because they're a team. This is eventually what I want to do with the other FF chibies. Like, have two sets for each FF with one of villains and good guys. And perhaps a third for the minor characters. But I don't know if this will ever happen. ; - ; It especially makes it hard when the range of quality of the other FF chibies is so large. But at least I have made *one* set here. Yay for mini completions.


I can't believe it's 5am already!?! Birds are chirping... the day is starting! Arg. I need to stop doing this. >_<
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YuffieKadajHobbyist Artist
How cute^~^Love Love Love 
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AedelMangaStudent Artist
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xXmikki-bby14XxStudent Traditional Artist
Kawaii!! :dummy:
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JehsiickuhHobbyist Photographer
omg this is adorable
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KoolieogirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
is the one on the very right sephiroth?
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LegendaryMythHobbyist Traditional Artist
Loz, Kadaj and Yazoo. They are the three Remnants of Sephiroth. For reference:…
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Jaeox Writer
These guys had me laughing in the movie, I like them.
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unisamaStudent Digital Artist
*squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!* awwwwwwww! My gawsh these three are adorable little cuties!!!! XD XD I gotta start picking up how to draw on comps :D I'm already practicing bit by bit on crappier programs but still X3 So uber cute!!
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Awwww~ you cant hurt me huh X3
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For this, you my friend Get a fave :headbang:
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cookiedough138Student Traditional Artist
Lol they make me laugh lots :XD:
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TotalyAnimatedHobbyist General Artist
So cute. I saw this movie. Theyre Stone nuts. But the cool type
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Gah! Love it. Suuuuuper cute. oh my goodness. I had never even imagined chibi advent triplets! ^-^ <33
So glad I found my way here B)
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Lots of your stuff deserves alot more credit than you get. love the coloring and chibiness.
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
Aww... well thanks!
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So adorable!
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so stinkin cute! your an amazing artist!
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
Awww. Thanks. <3
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your very welcome, its good stuff :)
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Oh the cuteness @@

Did you colour your work with Ps?
Can I know how you make the hair look so real ? Smuge tool perhaps? I use to try but they didn't come out very sharp. Can't really see each-and-every hair line.
How did you do that?
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
No, not PS. I use Open Canvas.

For the hair - I just draw lots and lots of lines over each other at varying degrees of thickness and colour. I never, ever use the smudge for anything.

Hope that helps. :)
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cute the guy in the middle is crazy
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sarkin6tain Digital Artist
Mwahahahahahaha! @.@ *crazy self reveals* >=3 *drools* *.* *eats all of them* Mwahahahaha <(*(00)*)>

P.S.... did I mention that this is epic o.o
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe, thanks!
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