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Chibi Reno+Rude

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I'm so glad I waited until now to draw these two. I have thought about doing them a number of times and have sketches that date back to last year or even the year before but I never went ahead because I didn't have any decent references. Now... there are references galore! :D

I loved these two in the movie. Reno may possibly be my favourite character... but it's hard to say because they're all great. Except for Kadaj. :P

Enjoy, people.
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this is cute
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Marauderlover225Hobbyist General Artist
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Jaeox Writer
There should be a chibi version of the movie, Lol I love these.
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nyahahahah. Reno looks cute. :love:
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Wolf-Pup31Student Writer
Me and my friedn where talking bout FF7 while she was here and i don't know why i never say it before but she pointed out that Rude looks liek Mister Clean, so i have to say-Chibi Mister Clean:lmao:
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LadyArtsyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this...its just makes you go awww. Especially Chibi Rude.
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ArtsyVana General Artist
very nice!
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Renos eyes looks like stitchs =D
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*stares into Reno's creepy black eyes* woah...

in other words: REEENNNNNOOOOO!
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hhhhhhhhhhh reno rrrrrrrr :D
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TotalyAnimatedHobbyist General Artist
Love! They are the funniest in the movie
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RougeInTheShadowsHobbyist Artist
you forgot the 'YO'
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SpikeOfShadowsHobbyist Digital Artist
awwwww thats cute and funny hahaha
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What's up with Reno's eyes?
violetblueberrys's avatar
foams at the mouth and dies!!! "ITS SO FRIGGIN CUTE!!"
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MrsHatoriSohmaHobbyist Writer
OMG! Reno looks so cute! I actually want to hug Rude for the first time!
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Venthor78Hobbyist General Artist
hyaaaa XDD Reno n Rude!!
xXspongyXx's avatar
I love Reno. x3 "What do you mean mother? It's a friggin' head." :XD:
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elvenariHobbyist Writer
it's actually "Mother, Shmother. It's Jenova's friggin' head."
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PixelPandaaStudent Digital Artist
wow. this is awesome :)

i love the cuteness
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Actually I kinda like Kadaj, because he's so crazy and obsessive.
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OMG it is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!
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