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Chibi Loz

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Loz <3

I really can't decide between Loz and Reno as to who takes the favourite character from movie position. *shrugs*

I love how this turned out. I think the effort I put in really paid off. And he looks so cute - even I think so. While I was colouring I kept hearing him say things. Like, "wakata" and "oka-san wa..." I think I've watched that part too many times. :P

Enjoy, Loz fans. (And everyone else, too, I suppose... :3 )
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hehehe that is sooooo cute
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SekseeDragonessHobbyist General Artist
Kidnaps chibi Loz.... again!

And I totally agree, it's hard to pick between Loz and Reno in the movie...... I chose Loz for the excessive amount of butt shots in that movie... mmmm Loz booty!

"Wanna play?"
With you? HELL YES!! :love::horny:
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Waaiii~! Loz~! :love: :heart: He's so adorable. :3 My favorite brother outta the three. I'm glad yu think so too! This is just too cuute. :XD:
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ohhhhh! grumpy loz you poo bag. we love you! ^.^

*ahem* great job!
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NothingPoignantHereHobbyist Writer
I love all things Loz. Personally, Cid is my favorite, but since I didn't know about Loz until AC came out I know you won't hold it against me :P

This is great. Farking adorable. I know nothing about visual art (i am restricted to stick figures) but it seems like the black on black would be difficult to maintain detail with and yet you've managed. WOOT to you! <3 more pweeease
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I love both Loz and Reno too. Although, I like Reno a wee bit more than Loz. But Loz is way awesome.
I was supposed to be collecting images of various pieces of cartoony art for art class... so I shoved this picture into my folder. xD
XxSilverFalconxX's avatar
aww he' so cute!.......................:rofl: WHERE"S MOTHER?!
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5GraveXyardXGirl5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Loz is such a softy!!!
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Loz reminds me of a great big puppy.

A great big muscular sexy puppy...

Oh dear...O_o
capsicum's avatar
capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha... a muscular, sexy puppy. I so get what you're talking about as funny and weird as it sounds.
polar-bear-queen's avatar
oh good, most people don't get what I'm talking about...

No, I do not want to have sex with dogs.

The scary thing is I've actually said that exact sentence before. O___o
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^_^ Thats so cute!
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ardvenHobbyist General Artist
hehe. he's cute as always.
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loz is cute very cute :)
FinalFantasyVII-byLU's avatar
huheuehuehue actually I hate loz, but that's cute XD~~
Lightbeam--v-c-eliot's avatar
Awwww! Loz looks so kyoo-it! *huggles*
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Evil Chibi. Nice. Yeay Loz. My favorite Remnants, except when he beat up Tifa. :D
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CinemaRainStudent Filmographer
This rocks my socks off hahahahhahaha
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I LOVE LOZ lol hes so cute what a crybaby in a adorable way
Syssareth's avatar
Loz and Reno are my favorites as well. I love the awesome black demon-eyes ^_^
Red-Rogue-Angel's avatar
Hehehe... It's so deliciously cute and evil! Great job!
scabe's avatar
holy crap how did you do that
OneWingedAngel800's avatar
OneWingedAngel800Student Writer
Haha! I like his zapper-thingy :O
Caligatio-Umbra's avatar
Caligatio-UmbraHobbyist General Artist
*Holding in laughter... lips begin to form a smirk...
cracks and goes into a fit of giggles*

He is so cute and yet he looks so serious,
like "WHAT "cute" are you talking about!?
THERE is NO ROOM for cuteness in this matter!...
STOP looking at me like that, I'm on a mission to get oka-san".

You have done beautiful work with the details :nod:
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