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Chibi Diablos

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I loved Diablos. I used him all the time. :D I always junctioned him to Squall.

Don't really have much to say but I like how this turned out. Also, I love colouring red tones. <3

The end.
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Madrigal2000Student General Artist
One of my fav GF with the coolest designs ever!
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MagzWLBRHobbyist Writer
I never thought I'd see him as cute, but wow, you have shattered my skepticism! :)
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jessicagayalaHobbyist General Artist
awwww :la: i love this!!!!
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Aww haha :D
I would always give him to either Rinoa or Selphie. Gotta love the ladies ;D
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=O!!!! loooveee it!!!! TwT i want to play again FF VIII the best FF. but i love ifrit to =) you are the best TwT
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I love this very much. I am a part of a small wc3/anime forum, and we do a render of the week contest. I used this because it is so wonderful but I forgot to ask you if it was ok. Is it alright for me to post your art?

I did credit you, linking your art here.
I also state that my forum members can't re-distribute it. ^_^
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, that's totally fine. Thanks for letting me know. :)
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AiroRokkuhautoHobbyist Digital Artist
The mighty Diablos has been toned down to a sweet chibi >///< Love your style~

I love using Diablos, he was definitely my favorite (with Shiva and Queztacotl); though getting him was a total pain >>
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how cute! hope u do other gfs :P
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ApAtHeTIcBuNnYHobbyist Digital Artist
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one of my favorites gf's, so useful
although the controller often went crazy when ya used him ^_^
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MidgarZolomHobbyist Photographer

You are brilliant :+fav:
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ckt Digital Artist
Aaaw so cute!^^I liked him too.I almost cried when I defeated him for the first time.XDDLovely picture.
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I wonder what it is about this little demon killing enemies with space-time magic that just makes me want to cuddle him in this piece? :XD: :hug:
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VelkynKarmaHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful! I always loved Diablos' design. Though for me, Diablos is always Rinoa. Hee hee.

Nice look though! For a big scary demon, he sure is an adorable chibi :D

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Sabel-chanProfessional Digital Artist
p|-|34r chibi lord of 3vil!!!
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Celestiahne-DamarystHobbyist General Artist
Oh he is the cutest cuddliest Diabolos I have EVER seen! I want a plushie made like this pic! SQUEE!! And I totally agree, I use him the most besides Shivah & Alexander (Darkness, Light & Ice, what a combo LOL!). I am in love with all your Aeon/Summon/Guardian series & so far I think I've faved them all. You are just too adorable Diablo-chan!! *squeezes Diabolos more* :XD:
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amazing! :clap:
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I luv diablos, good work
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thats so damn cute :D
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wow, my favorite gf i looked everywhere for pictures of him only to find them in a very cool art site. Good job, you caught the action nicely too.
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*oooh me too dude!he totally kicks ass!sadly my parents dont approve of me drawing him cause were catholic and id be like a traitor for liking a demon :D i just call him dark messenger ;)

*but this is a cool chibi version of him!really amusing and funny at the same time!youve done a really good job my friend!

*keep up the good work! :)

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Ho, it looks so cool=) what a nice coloring :thumbsup: Great job my friend^^
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