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Chibi Cloud

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Seeing as I was going to do Cloud yesterday, I decided to draw him today. I never really cared much for Cloud. Sometimes I liked him, sometimes I didn't. I guess he wasn't lively enough for my tastes to be the main character. I can understand how others may like him, though.

I like how this pic turned out quite a lot. Although I like his costume in Kingdom Hearts and Advent Children better, I chose to draw him in his classic costume because that's the Cloud that everyone remembers.


I forgot to draw the cheeks! Re-uploaded with rosy cheeks.
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LegendaryLegendsStudent General Artist
I love cloud SOOOOOOOOOooooooooo~ Much!!!

Nice detailed work btw, VERY NICE JOB! :D :D
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RicaRaionStudent Interface Designer
Can I borrow this and credit you?
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IndyanahrHobbyist General Artist
O___O sooooooooooooooooooo cute~
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Ahwww :3 So cute ^^
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EagleEyes00Hobbyist General Artist
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xOtakuArtistxStudent Traditional Artist
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kaviatorHobbyist Digital Artist
So cuteeee! :iconadorableplz:
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v4lky1213Hobbyist General Artist
so cuteeee >.< love love love it!
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TotalyAnimatedHobbyist General Artist
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SolBhonjaiHobbyist General Artist
Your artwork has been used at a artist alley. Please go here for further details -[link]
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Arthemis-PinkHobbyist General Artist
I would just like to share this with you capsicum, if you won't mind. it's related to your work.. . .
Last week, I went to a stall in a mall in our town to buy a personalized keychain. I was browsing through the clearbook for some designs when i saw something familiar. . it was capsicum's chibi cloud!

YES! I was positively and definitively sure that it was the same Cloud you drew (though the colors were stripped off, only the lineart remained).

I was honestly disappointed because it was a form of "Art theft" yet I couldn't do anything. *sigh*
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Kawaiiiiiii!!!! (>3<)
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kittenlover69Student General Artist
Chibi!!! <3
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IceCreamSoda101Hobbyist General Artist
this was my first video game character i ever saw
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His hair looks so epic that i can only use the word epic to describe its epical epicness. Yeah. it's that epic ><
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Love his cheeks
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DzookittenHobbyist Digital Artist
So chibi!! But still packin! *nosebleed*
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PinkCloud-eats-ChocoHobbyist Traditional Artist
awww i like it ^^
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Zepher-Lotto Traditional Artist
im sry but his face looks like "why the hell are you lookin at me " XD
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
And... what's wrong with that?
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Zepher-Lotto Traditional Artist
o.0 nothing i thought it was aorably cute. didnt mean to offend
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
No, you didn't offend! I guess I read it the wrong way. :)
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This is the best chibi Cloud ive seen :)
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