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Chibi Brothers

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The 'Brothers' Guardian Force from FFVIII. I used them fairly frequently in the game. And I liked their movie thing. But that water temple-ish place where you find them was so annoying. X_X At least Zell made the scenario slightly amusing.

Not completely satisfied with this pic. More work probably could go into it, but it was getting on my nerves just sitting there unfinished so I had to complete it.
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MagzWLBRHobbyist Writer
Aww! Very sweet. :)
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I thought it was funny how Sacred speaks in caps while Minotaur always used lower case. I can't take them seriously, but it doesn't matter :)
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IgikeHobbyist General Artist
These guys are soooo awsome! And it always makes me laugh that minotaur always beats sacred at rock paper scissors.
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VelkynKarmaHobbyist Digital Artist
You'd think after a hundred summonings the big one would learn to stop using rock, too. :XD:

I use them fairly frequently as well. They love Quistis. ^^

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luckycharm42Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i lo ve brothers there cool:D
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Nice, but the word on the shield is wrong.
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
Really? I did use a reference... But maybe I made a mistake. :3
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It's okay. It's still good. :)
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This is fantastic! Id almost forgot about their ridiculous game. Very funny drawing.
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thoses guys were the coolest...
...appaently, thers a second GF animation, where the big guy actually wins the rock, paper, scissors match!
...i havent found it yet U_U
stupid game developers...
one-winged-kiryu93's avatar
sacred and minitor never looked cuter!
correct me if Minitor is spelled wrong please!
jus lettn ya kno I commented on Diablos too

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Driven8D Filmographer
I wished them had kept Titan. He was cool (because he wore a thong. XD)
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Brothers > All
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soooo cute! me luff your chibilings!! ^__^
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Heh! The Brothers of the oh-so-despised tomb thingy! Love 'em! Although does anyone notice that the little one always cheats during the Jan-Ken-Po?
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barananduen General Artist
that's so cute!! XD
yes, their animation is pretty funny ;p
what did Zell do/say? I took Selphie and Irvine, and Selphie said "Big Bro is so cute!" upon which he said something like "they're making fun of us! attack!" :lol
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XD hehe their little stor was interesting XD
and that dungeon was so annoying I seem to recal the fact that you could obtain a map and position marker.. I got the map.. but not the marker (they must have wanted something outrageous or obscene amounts of gil.. or something >,< ) but yeah.. I still spent allot of time in there @__@. I don't think I used them ery often though.. their animation was kind of long wasn't it?
:heart: :hug: :heart:
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
I liked their story but I don't remember it now. :o I got the map but no marker, too. I think if you paid for hints or the marker or whatever your SeeD ranking went down a notch, too, so I did it without that. It was cool how you earned a salary. I never ran out of money in that game. :D
Their animation wasn't that long. I don't think it was that much longer than the standard ones like Shiva and Ifrit. And it wasn't nearly as long as Leviathan's. v_v
bourgogne's avatar
true true <3 hehe now I kind of want to play it all again.. kinda.
Subbeh's avatar
i never really used them that much but seeing this brought them back to me :giggle:
good work!
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I need to play through that game! I've got it... but I'm just lazy... well that and I have MGS3 ..... so that dosn't help at all...
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe, well... It's always received a mixed reaction. Lots of people think it's the worst FF game but I always liked it. :3
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You either love it or hate it, eh? People just need to broden their horizons.
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