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Chibi Adel

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"Sorceress" Adel. Adel had such a tiny part to be included and considered a 'villain'. Like, minor characters like Zell's mum seemed to have a bigger part than Adel. For this reason, I don't have an opinion on "her". But it's been ages since I played. I may not be remembering properly.

Anyway, enjoy?
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Omg so cute! I love it!
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DestructiveparadoxStudent Artist
She even looks like a man in chibi form!!!
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LA-HHobbyist General Artist
Love it!
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ow she looks so cute and tiny and so small
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I've never seen anything equally cute and creepy. That's real talent.
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, awesome!
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*looks into the eyes for a long moment* ..... NEEDS TO BE MADE INTO A PLUSHIE! The way she looks angry is so cute :heart:! TEH SQUEE!
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Lou136Student Traditional Artist
He doesn't look evil at all there :D
That's too cute
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EmberizaHobbyist Digital Artist
Why does everyone wonder about her masculine look, not wondering why she is so damn tall ? Maybe she isn't a human at all ? I haven't seen 12-feet human in my life. Maybe she is some kind of titan, or sth ?
There is another logical answer. She could be very, very old sorceress. Remember, how she looked for a successor to pass her powers onto one (she found Ellone for that purpose), she could feel her time is coming... And, besides, she is an evil thing. Maybe old evil sorceresses turn into such big masculine monsters ?

I have a task for myself, I want to draw her too :) I've drawn Ultimecia and Edea, but Adel will be great challenge.
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EmberizaHobbyist Digital Artist
I love that like others of your FF artworks... ^^
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If they redo FFVIII, they totally need to redesign Adel and give her a bigger part.

How you made something as ugly as Adel cute I have no idea. Ill give you extra kudos if you make that slug sorceress you fight in the Time Compression cute too.
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
Mwahaha... slug sorceress... I really don't think I could be bothered doing any more FF chibies now. I'm majorly over them! And I doubt they'd redo FFVIII seeing as wasn't really ever received as well as the other games. *shrug* But I agree, it would be cool if she had a bigger part.
Cast-Iron-Angel's avatar
And maybe even a remotely female body. She is the manliest character in the whole game.

Tho considering how pretty most of the males are, that's not saying much.
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OR maybe its just Micheal Jackson lol
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capsicumHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha... Michael Jackson... Why is it that a joke about Michael Jackson is so damn funny?
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Adel is probably inter sexed...

THERE I said it...
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Nico6688Hobbyist Digital Artist
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aeroartistHobbyist Photographer
lmao :rofl: this is hilarious.
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VelkynKarmaHobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with everyone on the "wait...he's a she?!" bit :XD:

Also, it took me 20 tries to beat this boss...I counted. And I barely lived through that last one...had Zell not finished her with duel, she woulda slaughtered me with Ultima (damn I hated that move).

But this is certainly an interesting...rendition...of her. Still, I find it hard to imagine her chibi...especially considering she was like...fifteen feet tall....


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Sabel-chanProfessional Digital Artist
Aww! =3

I never knew if Adel was a "she" or a "he" too.
(and Imight fav some of your works too)
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FediniProfessional Digital Artist
WAH!!! ADEL!!! XD I love HIM very much!!!!
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PrinceOfFireHobbyist Writer
Good. So I'm not the only one who thinks Sorceress Adel Looks more like a man in a skirt than a woman.
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i'm scared of adel lol but awsome picture
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