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Shooty Pip

Now I remember why I don't draw FoE much - clothing.
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Message from Kkat:

Amazing!  I love her!  :love:

:iconrarityclapplz: :icontwilightclapplz: :iconpinkieclapplz:
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Oh shit. Littlepip has a shooty look
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That's awesome, nice work :D
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Green eye fix.…
Capseys if its a problem just let me know.
I the eyes are better green
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Aren't her eyes green?
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Profile image shows green and states popularly green. 

As her magic is stated as being green then i will say her eyes are green for this logic.

In the show, if you look at unicorns and their magic, it of around season 2 onwards, their eye and magic colours match. I noticed this with Twilight, in season 1 Twilight's magic was different colour but it later changed to the purple we know now and it matches her eye colour. Rarity has blue eyes and her magic is Blue. Though so far the only exception i've seen is Celestia as her magic is gold when her eyes are magenta.
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The only things ever stated about Littlepip's physical appearance is that she's a mare, bellow average in size, has a pipbuck butt tat, plain looking, and is left hoofed.  Everything else is fannon.
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The color of Littlepip's magic is never stated in FO:E, silly.
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Actually, pony's magic is usually tied with the colour of their cutie mark.
And Pip has no canon appearance. I could make her hot pink with black eyes and it'd still be Littlepip.
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Actually Littlepip's cutiemark HAS been stated. A Pipbuck, right in the prologue. 

Granted her appearance hasn't been stated, but it has been said (by her) that she's seen as cute and very plain. 

So the hot pink, black eyes kind of thing wouldn't work since well... That's VERY out there for a "Plain" character.
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Well, yes to the fandom. (After all her looks and appearance was NEVER stated)

But yeah, Brown doesn't fit her color scheme like the green does.
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