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Room Modeling C4D tutorial R10

By capsat
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If you want further video tutorials on C4D please visit: [link] :)
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I couldnt get it to work. 
I think I have version r14 now (for school, soon getting r15) 
but when I follow through the first steps, I dont get a wall. 
And when I lift any of them up (like, moving up) nothing happens, except for with the sweep nerbs, then the whole thing goes up xP

And I tried copying the rectangle, as well as the spline, in any way, but neither of them would work. 
With coping the spline and moving that up I came the closest, but for some reason the walls would thicken the higher I'd lift the spline >.< 

So have you got any idea what went wrong? 
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thanks for the tutorial .im gonna try this one out :w00t:
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Good dear Thank you
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cool room design.. thx so much!
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thank you very much :)
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I wanted to follow this tutorial, But I am stuck.
When I use the Sweep NURBS and the rectangle, I just get a mess. :G
Not a room
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Hey, sorry for taking so long to respond, I've been busy in non-DA related things lately.

Most probably your problem is corrected if you invert the order of the splines inside the sweep (1st spline should be second and viceversa). If that doesn't work, your rectangle is pointing in the wrong direction.
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That's very cool. Thank you!
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Awesome tutorial... just began some C4D work, so it's sure to come in handy!
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de haber sabido que eras de México mejor hubiera escrito en español, jajaj, ¡saludos desde Monterrey!
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XD, cualquier cosa ya sabes, Saludos!
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hey, I'm sorry if I'm a bother now, but, I have a question regarding something outside of the tutorial, I managed to get it done but, I started looking for textures for concrete floor tiles, and I found some, but, it includes the Diffuse, Bump and Specular Map, and I'm pretty confused as how to achieve the look in your tutorial, could you please help me out by telling me where do I have to set these textures in the Material creation??
Thanks a LOT for all your help, sincerely, keep up the GREAT work!
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hola! no me había dado cuenta de que eras de México XD

Lo del techo me parece extraño, creo que puede ser porque tienes muchos polígonos, en teoría deberías tener 1. Sino se puede trata de hecer nuevamente el techo pues lo que haces parece el procedimiento correcto.

De las texturas sólo hay que asignar cada mapa a su respectivo canal (el specular map lo puedes ignorar) pero el resto ponlo en el canal que se llama igual.


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yaaay, I did it, thanks a lot dude, I'll look into the shading tutorial now to see how that works out for me, thanks again!
¡viva México!, jajaj
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hey there! thanks a lot for this tutorial, I'm very excited about doing this but, I'm sorry for asking a question that's already been asked but I'm really confused about steps 7 and 8, lime some more around this comment section, I'm pretty much new at C4D, so, I'm sorry for not understanding, I guess If I'd used the software longer I might've understood, but, sorry.

I select the "Extrude NURBS" layer that contains the spline which makes the Ceiling, press "C", then I click the + sign to select both caps AND (?) the "Extrude NURBS" poly.

That creates ANOTHER object, which is the one that I try to Inner Extrude and Extrude, whenever I do, when I see from the camera's POV, I don't see any difference, so I get rid of the original ceiling layer to see and I can't see anything either, no depth to the extrude on the ceiling, what can I be doing wrong??

I'm almost done with this tutorial, I'd really REALLY appreciate it if you (or anyone around here) could clear this up for me, really thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge and creativity, it means a lot to me and all of us who want to learn.

Thanks again!!!
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Hi! No problem there. Once you've made editable the poly (with the "C" key), just select Objects and then "Connect" this makesthe ceiling a single object. Now select that new polygon (you can delete the old ones) and go to the polygon mode, select the polygon that makes the ceiling (it should turn yellow) and use an inner extrude (I on the keyboard and then click and drag). Then use the Extrude function (D on the keyboard then click and drag) to create an engraving on the ceiling.

Try experimenting with the tools, it really helps to get the hang of them.

I hope this clears things up otherwise comment again :)
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tanks a lot for answering so quickly, I'm trying again but, again I'm finding trouble, I'm selecting the 3 elements, the Extrude NURBS, Cap 1 and Cap 2, then Object,Connect, using the live selection tool and the polygon tool I select the roof (after deleting the other "layer"), after it turns yellow, I press "i" to use the inner extrude but when I do, the whole ceiling starts to deform, bringing out spikes everywhere, then when I use the extrude function it's still the same, I'm still experimenting, thanks a lot for clearing a couple of things up, I'll try it out some more, if there's anything I'm doing wrong, please help me out if you can.

thanks a lot, again!!
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man i need help :( !!
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Can i please have permission to post your tutorials in with a link back to your DA profile or any link you desire?
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