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Basic GI in C4D tutorial R10

By capsat
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If you want further video tutorials on C4D please visit: [link] :)
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Thank to you for tuto
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hey whats the point of the camera there?
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thanks for the awesome tut m8 :D
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this is crazy good.. :) are u a arcitekt as a job or just for fun?
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how do i resize the rectangle spline? sorry nwqbie here
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Thank you, for this Tutorial, it helps a lot.
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Hey Capsat, your designs are so amazing ive been on your archc4d site, your tutorials really helped me, I just have a question. Where do you get the floor textures from? and do you have a tutorial for it?
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Hi! Thanks for the compliment :) I get my textures from different places, I think this particular one is from the content browser of C4D. Check [link] they have a lot of textures. And I do have a texturing tutorial (not related to floors) here: [link]

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No problem & thanks a lot i'm new to c4d but im not bad at it. When you have time please check out some of my modelling & if you can tell me how to improve it. Ive been on archc4d since about 4 months ago lol so you will notice from my modelling, I look at yours and try to make it a little similar till I get better.
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Can i please have permission to post your tutorials in with a link back to your DA profile or any link you desire?
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nomas no genera sombras, ya lo intente modificando la luz, cambiandolas de posicion, pero no me genera sombras
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Utilizaste sombra de area en la luz infinita? También tiene que esta apuntando hacia la camara y entrando por las ventanas a un ángulo donde pegue en el suelo
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checalo, todo com tu dijiste
sera pq uso c4d r11?
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:thumb119612689: checalo
todo como tu dijiste
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Why use infinity light?? just curious
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They are the best at recreating sunlight :)
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tutorial for a lot of thank a lot of successful one work :)
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k, now I did this!
I read some tuts about romm modelling but none was so easy. I mean, the walls. never thought that it was so easy to build walls :) and then the render settings, wow, really fast. I´m so glad I found this tut and you.
hey, about a hdri material tutorial :D
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It's great to know you can make something out of it :)

About HDRI, I haven't made any tut on that, but I think you could easily find some on the internet or DA. Just quickly: use an HDRI as the image in the "environment" tab on the material settings to have the material reflect that, if you want HDRI based illumination just add a material with the HDRI in the luminance tab to a Sky object.
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kewl thx. after I followed this tut, this [link] came out and in a few minutes I´ll release a render of my living room :)
again, big thx for this tut which finally helped me a lot to get started again with cinema 4d!
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THAnks alot

You re great xD

Very good tutorial :D
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Hey thanks! If you're interested in learning more take a look here: [link]

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