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Nice aesthetic, I think you've got the chops to become a Ninja! Check out
epifandaniel's avatar
hy there please can you help me with a logo for my site if you have some ideea?
HatemAmin's avatar
Very nice work ya basha
efanov's avatar
Hm... Roberto Cavalli.
His not accepted the logo? )))
Fake for kids!
caprozo911's avatar
for kids !
what's ur problem !
for kids, for baby's this not ur business
look at ur work ... BAD BAD BAD
efanov's avatar
My work is not the plagiarism :ignore:
caprozo911's avatar
hehehe your work for foooools like u
efanov's avatar
You not able to communicate with decent people.
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love Ewan logos

MuTnAsEq's avatar
egypho's avatar
gamed dayman yama3lem
romy83's avatar
great logos :clap:
saltshaker911's avatar
really Creative mate , keep up the good work :)
moiraproject's avatar
the logos are very very good. But please .. ceck the italian language on the IL PIATTO LOGO
Italian kithchen is CUCINA ITALIANA (without double c)
misha3200's avatar
really great logos
tamer98's avatar
ya capro ba2ah.. :)
caprozo911's avatar
:D heheheh mashy :D :D
mist0r's avatar
My favourite is the red ewan tawer one... What a great logo.

In fact, they're all great work. Good job!
illuphotomax's avatar
nice work ya basha .. teslam eidak .....
noat2010's avatar
nice collection seif
eslamvito's avatar
bged gamdein gadden
anta mn el nas el b7eb ashof sho3'el el logos bte3k bged very simple and very attractive
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