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Hey guys! So, this is totally cool. :) A while back, I had a lady contact me to do a large Lion King image commissioned for a tattoo, and yesterday I was pleasantly surprised with an email with the bottom picture! She isn't sending me the coloured finished product until all the ink work is completely done, so the image here is only her line art and shading work.

The image above is obviously the commission I did for her. I referenced some scenes from the movie, and chose bright colours I thought would make good for the tattoo. I can't WAIT to see the coloured version. I'll post it here once the tattoo is complete!

Please be respectful of the commissioner with comments. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! :)

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If only the Lion Guard was in this.
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could always be added!
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i love this one

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OMG That's great to have your whole back for Lion King :)
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This looks really nice. The space in the middle should be filled though....perhaps the simba drawing Rafiki did......
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the space is left for clouds to be under mufasa and sarabi :) but good idea too!
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Oh my gosh... This made me tear up a little bit. I love Mufasa and Sarabi! <3 But wow, that is just beautiful and a fantastic idea for a tattoo.
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it looks really good with just the lines/shading!
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Is the tattoo done yet????
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How come the colored version isn't finished yet? It should've been done by now, I mean, she did this 2011, now its 2012.
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it's very expensive to do, you know..I'm pretty sure she's waiting until it's all done.
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I kind of agree with you xD will be epic to see this done >>

But having a close relative in this business, I can say this would take about 42-50 hours, and the limit you can usually go to, per sitting, is 8. But considering its on the back it goes to 6. Then you have to wait two to three weeks between each sitting to allow the tattoo to scab over and heal, so it's going to be a while sadly :C
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Wow that is pretty exciting! and you did such a good job. I wonder how awesome it will look once the coloring is complete :D :D
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I am anxious to see :)
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wow. amazing how you can make such a beautiful image and it looks so amazing on someone else! i want one!! XD *the tattoo that is*
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Love it! Beautiful work!
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wow you are an amazing artist i iknow who to ask to darw a pic for me when i get atatto
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What a cool tattoo!!! Congrats!
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