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snapdragon by Capricorn-Phantom snapdragon :iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 2 0 capricorn by Capricorn-Phantom capricorn :iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 2 5 to be a master by Capricorn-Phantom to be a master :iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 1 2 ada by Capricorn-Phantom ada :iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 4 2
dawn 8 teaser
"Say something if you're having second thoughts." He spoke in hushed tones, one arm propping him up and the other wrapped around her shoulders. A draft slipped in past the flap of the tent and caused both to shudder. He pulled her closer. Their skin stuck together as she let out a low, shuddered breath. Somewhere nearby running water and crickets could be heard. Outside the door a pile of embers glowed where a fire had been earlier. A bottle of wine, half finished, sat alongside it.
"I'm not going to change my mind," she sighed into his skin, burying her face into the crook of his neck. He smelled of sandalwood. Her heart pounded in her throat, threatening to choke her. He wrapped his other arm around her and pulled her close.
"Gods help me." he murmured into her hair.
They could never turn back.

:iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 3 5
dawn +pt. 7
She had never seen snow like this. Powder was up to their knees as far as the eye could see. The ranger shivered, her thin body not used to this cold. This was something different, something new. There was no time for games, however. They had lost their trackers for the time being but if they lingered for too long they risked being found.
Blood on snow.
Iban was following the trail faithfully as it wound around, finally digging himself in beneath a pine. She heard him hiss, dissatisfied, before he emerged with something cradled in his arms. Menetae almost ducked, thinking it a pile of snow, but soon realized that it was a tattered dove.
"There's a message," he murmured as he came close, unmoving as the ranger wrapped herself in the excess fabric of his cloak, "'No matter where we may end up, I will find you in the next life. You have my promise, my love.' It's not signed… I wonder if it ever made it to the person it was meant for?"

It felt so good on her skin.
Menetae sa
:iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 3 5
merry-go-round of life
Fight for space. I want to be eldest child.
Win. I have won over you for the first and last time.
We sit as siblings, equal. Little limbs stuffed within bright red stocking.
Fighting again. What's yours is mine and mine is yours.
Including that giraffe.
I thought the pink one belonged to me, but you've proven me wrong again.
Warm room, pleased family.
Muddled thoughts. Godzilla is better than Barbie. She lays
forgotten in the corner while we fling legos like miniature missiles and
pretend we know how to play Monopoly. Try to trick mom that
play money is real. She laughs.
Find my first love in a little TV in the back room. "Darth" mom calls him.
Friends don't know who he is.
When he dies my little heart breaks. It was only a dream.
I thought I lost you.
Concrete hits hard and you hit harder. Motionless on the couch I sat and waited,
your patient guard dog, waiting for you to sit up
and tell me that you were just joking.
You wake. I think I barked for you.
:iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 0 0
dawn +pt. 6
Night falls.
"They're still following us." Menetae's voice carried through the foliage and met Iban's ears. His eyes glanced back to her, watching as she read the forest like an open book. Incredible.
"How many?"
"Not sure." She paused for a moment longer, and then shook her head. "More than we can handle. We have to go where they can't follow us or we're not going to make it. They're mounted; it's only a matter of time before they catch up."
"There's always…" Iban's brow furrowed. He stepped down from his vantage point, taking her hands in his and squeezing them tightly. "You won't like this, but it's going to save us." The ranger's face hardened as his eyes flickered north, towards the twisted wasteland of the Wilderness.
"Take me there, Menetae," he whispered, hand resting against the small of her back. Far off in the distance, the sound of baying hounds could be heard. "I can't save us on my own."

Menetae had just been getting used to the dark. Once or twice s
:iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 3 0
I can see your insides,
You can't hide anything from me
I can see right through you.
Clear as can be, high as a kite,
Not even the ozone can stop you
The sky's the limit
Nothing can hold you back.
Slip through fingers or
Get stuck like cling wrap,
Never letting go
Holding on forever.
I can see everything
But at the same time I see nothing.
:iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 0 0
ashe wip by Capricorn-Phantom ashe wip :iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 0 0 stormrunner by Capricorn-Phantom stormrunner :iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 3 10 nettlestung by Capricorn-Phantom nettlestung :iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 8 7 willowisp by Capricorn-Phantom willowisp :iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 3 4 betta04 by Capricorn-Phantom betta04 :iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 2 5 beach time by Capricorn-Phantom beach time :iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 2 3
I was tucked away  beneath my blankets and then I was in the forest.
Confusion filled my mind as I wondered what had happened.
Something was different.
The sun begins to rise and the shadows disperse;
night's grasp loosens and my spirit crawls free.
Show yourself to me, please don't hide away.
This is a photo of love: two koi in a frozen pond.
This is another photo of love: groping in the dark
and hoping that someone else will find your hand.
My reflection stared back at me and looked deep into my eyes,
I could not unsee.
A love tale: I see clouds forming on the horizon
and when I wake the skies have become clear.
As night presses in around me I feel
I cannot breathe. You are not here to chase them away.
Trees grow close together and the air is thick with approaching storms.
Follow a forest path.
Mourning doves sit close on branches.
Another tale:
Water fills my lungs as I grasp for the surface.
Another: I found a fish in a tiny cup, and gave it life.
Watch lightning s
:iconcapricorn-phantom:Capricorn-Phantom 0 0


black goldfish by kenglye black goldfish :iconkenglye:kenglye 158 21 my goldfish by kenglye my goldfish :iconkenglye:kenglye 1,735 190 Goldfish Design by Lucky978 Goldfish Design :iconlucky978:Lucky978 1,238 57 SOULMATE by Olivietta SOULMATE :iconolivietta:Olivietta 1,160 130 black mountain unicorn by sandara black mountain unicorn :iconsandara:sandara 10,724 635 Chliksi by beagler9 Chliksi :iconbeagler9:beagler9 2,202 191 -Tryndamere and Ashe- by arvalis -Tryndamere and Ashe- :iconarvalis:arvalis 2,907 130 Phantom_Your Love Redeems Me by Luaprata91 Phantom_Your Love Redeems Me :iconluaprata91:Luaprata91 3,241 456 friends  of yesterday by breath-art friends of yesterday :iconbreath-art:breath-art 1,365 57 Lord of earth by VampirePrincess007 Lord of earth :iconvampireprincess007:VampirePrincess007 1,909 144 sylvanas: the answer is war. by retromortis sylvanas: the answer is war. :iconretromortis:retromortis 1,665 138 Lux Wallpapper by Nighthunte Lux Wallpapper :iconnighthunte:Nighthunte 510 19 The Frost Archer by BenitezArt The Frost Archer :iconbenitezart:BenitezArt 37 5 capricorn tattoo by Kirikizu capricorn tattoo :iconkirikizu:Kirikizu 35 1 hades and persephone 1 by sandara hades and persephone 1 :iconsandara:sandara 61,972 2,655 hades and persephone 2 by sandara hades and persephone 2 :iconsandara:sandara 155,536 11,698


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I'm totally bad at keeping up with this, hahaha. I'm mostly lurking on dA now, I've been struggling to draw something halfway decent for a while and my laptop is still out of commission so I haven't been able to write much. Except sporadic updates occasionally, I'm still sort of here. c: <3

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