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Hello everyone!

This news article shall be a weekly-thing, and I'm really looking forward to it! I've been wanting to do this project for a long time, but never really found the right moment. Rubbish, I was just procrastinating, like always.

Anyway, I think DD-suggesters are highly under-appreciated. After all, aren't they the ones who play THE role in featuring Daily Deviations? They should get so much more acknowledgement, and I also think it's important to get more of these amazing people in our community.

Suggesting isn't nearly as hard as most of you think: anybody can do it. For more information about that, just go to FAQ18. You will find a list with all Gallery Moderators categorized, so that you can easily see whom to send your suggestion.

I see suggesting Daily Deviations as a way of expressing your love for a certain artwork you cannot get your eyes off. Right now it's time to give some love back to the most awesome suggesters. ♥

The Suggester of this Week is..


Go give her some love.

Old Age I by 3wyl Light Burns by 3wyl Guitar by 3wyl :thumb147520190:
Alight by 3wyl Coming For You by 3wyl Light by 3wyl Bare Skeleton by 3wyl
TalkI wish my mouth was
Sewn { s.t.i.t.c.h.e.d } shut so that people
would know I didn't -
ForgottenI just want to lie
down. I just want to rest. So
leave me… it’s quiet.
InsideI watched my best friend die.
It wasn't in a hospital and it wasn't an accident on some road somewhere. There's a saying, and I guess it's also… funny… how you never know what's going on behind closed doors.
I guess you're probably thinking of suicide - overdose, hanging by the rope, or (god forbid) the knife, but... it's not that.
Because it's one thing to die and it's another to die. I believe you can exist without properly living.
What is a life? We are born into this world with no say on the matter, and yet the majority of us take for granted that tomorrow we will wake up to another morning, another routine, another day in this same old life.
Do we?
Are we happy in this life? Inside, where it counts, are we happy?
My best friend came from nowhere. One minute I had no one, and the next… I guess it's a sort of blessing that my best friend arrived when I needed comfort the most.
We began to go out and have wild trips galumphing up the roads. We made war with b
Emotion 01Greed,
It's safe to say, I hate you. I hate the path you walk on, tempting others so they submit, weak.
I hate how you swallow up all the feelings and emotions that I know are in there and you replace them with your selfish needs that are envious of others, because the fact, the true fact, is I have no need to be selfish, no need to be envious, and yet you, Greed, you leave no room for that.
I hate how you make me forget how lucky I am; lucky to be alive, lucky to still have all five senses, lucky to have great friends who are always there behind me, if not with me. You consume all the things I am grateful for until I see nothing but the burning desire, rearing its head up and striking at every . single . place.
You make me feel as if a part of me is incomplete, that something is missing, and that when I have whatever it is, everything will be alright, a circle once again, but that isn't true, it's not fucking true.
I hate you, Greed, for making me feel this way, b

Blind             Bruised are my
eyes that squint on with
                  timid grace
A Paper Lifepaper
like Life
crumpled; ripped; tossed;
gone Forever
Please...Is everything worth it?
I am sitting here, typing. I am alone, both physically and mentally, it seems. The clouds outside are in limbo; to rain or not to rain?
Is everything worth it?
Every day… that thought flashes in my mind. Every day I am surrounded by self-absorption, selfishness and hate. Every day I question myself…
Is everything worth it?
Is my life worth existing? Is my existence worth living?
The majority of my friends have gone, disappeared, and I clutch at the friends I do have, terrified that they will go too.
I don’t understand how people can be so self-centred, so rude and so mean. How did we reduce ourselves to something so low?
Is it to seek attention? Is it for popularity and to appear “cool”?
I get shunned, but… I don’t mind. I’m used to it. I’m used to people ignoring me, I’m used to people looking at me in disgust, I’m used to the feeling of worthlessness as if I’m not a living, breathing person who can fe
Want... and again,
this feeling (was) all
I shouldn't -
(would help me) but (your)
© 2011 - 2021 capricordestin
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She is very different at all. While most anime artists draw something they like, she constantly helps the unnoticed deviants to be known by the whole community.

Believe me, if anyone wants to try giving constructive comment and they consult her, she will tell them an answer: #ProjectComment. :aww:
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She is so awesom:love:
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