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The materialistic, friendly, sheltered female half-Unicorn armorer who belongs to a secret organization. Her body is a mismatched composite of her human and non-human ancestry.

“You may go in,” the petite half-angel secretary told Nadya.
Nadya nodded and smiled. She twisted the knob on the door and entered. Inside was an office with no windows (which made sense, since they were underground) and dim lighting coming from a few sparsely-placed candles. At the desk in the center, there was a large office chair facing away from her, but she knew the Agency’s half-vampire President sat in it. She didn’t particularly like his cliché decorations, but she was too nice to say anything.
The President spun around. “Hello, Nadya,” he greeted, casually baring his fangs.
“Hello, President.”
“I understand you are the Agency’s top armorer?”
“Yes,” Nadya replied, although there were other jobs within the Agency for Half-Breeds she’d rather be doing. She didn’t mind making the weapons, but she hated repairing them, because it meant that she had made a mistake.
“Well, as of now, you will be transferred to another department: Location and Concealment.” Location and Concealment. She’d have to go up to the real world and find half-breeds that were arousing suspicion about fantasy creatures—and conceal them by any means. “Of course,” he added, “you’ll have to go to the Disguise department before going up.”
In the Disguise department, one of the Agency’s few humans helped her to cover up her unicorn ancestry. She was fitted with special boots to hide her hooves, her tail was numbed to keep it from moving too much and tucked into her pants, and her horse-like ears were hidden in her hair and held down with clips. The patch with the Agency’s logo was removed from the chest of her shirt.
“Now your horn,” the human said, “will probably need to be cut off—”
Nadya whimpered and covered her horn protectively. “No! My ears and hooves both already hurt and I am not cutting this off!” The human started to protest, but Nadya continued, “I’ll say it’s the fashion where I’m from…some obscure island in the middle of the ocean.”
The human sighed and complied. “Good luck.”
The first one Nadya had to find was a half-devil in a small local bookstore. She walked in confidently and got odd looks from everyone inside, and the employee at the register did a double-take. After walking up to him, she said, “I’d like to apply for a job.” She was told to ask for an application because the half-devil had a physically dominant human half and could easily blend in; working with the half-breed would make it easier to spot.
The person at the register handed her an application and a pen, staring at her horn. She shrugged it off. About a minute later, she gave the application and pen back.
“This application is blank except for your name,” he observed. “No address, no phone number, no social security number…”
“I don’t have those,” Nadya replied. “Is that a problem?”
“Little bit…”

Created for Seventh Sanctum's Fantasy Fusion contest.
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Nice story, I wish I wrote a proper one for mine. Best of luck!