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Three Main Wolves

From left to right: Honey, Dawn, Blaze

I have been playing wolf quest. big surprise.

so i made up these three characters. Dawn is the main one, who i rp most as. She is stubborn and determined, and can be very aggressive when in a bad mood. Dawn is a warrior. She got her huge scar from their father, Slash. Slash is never mentioned. Dawn is a very respected warrior.

Honey is her sweet sister. Always cheery and bright spirited, she sees the good in everyone. she hates fighting and is the lead hunter of the pack. Everyone loves her.

Blaze is their huge brother. He is a General, head of the warriors. Hes super aggressive and is pretty much the opposite of Honey. Hes always trying to start a fight and he will kill to get what he wants, but only on the Alpha's command. He dreams of becoming the Alpha Male someday.

Although their personalities are very different, these siblings are very close.

and those are my rp characters :D Tell me how i did.

Havnt i improved? (: (: (: (:
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I like it all 8D
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Where did you goooooooo??

Nice work though :D
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Thanks!!! just been gone cuz wolf quest but im back now(: thanks!
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Glad to have yous back <3
Np ~ :heart:
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You'll be more active,right?
Then we can have one of our 'plz' wars :iconwarplz:

Ily too <3
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x3 i like ur icon hehehhehehe
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I forgot all the icons! :'''(
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XD I wasn't exactly an expert to :iconsweatplz:
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OwO EPIIIIIIC. Was wondering when I was gonna see more of your work. X3 EPIC JOB <3
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Thank you much!!!((: ive been gone a while due to my addiction to wolfqurest. :p but after learning to draw wolves better i had to upload it here((:
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