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I`m going to be taking a couple of different types of Halloween commissions this week! Three slots for now and I`m closing these in a week so I have time to get them done before Halloween and maybe before pokemon xy eheh. These will be done by or before 31 October. Anywaaayyyysss

  • Paypal only. Please handle the fees if you can.

  • Ponies only. I`ll be opening for other things once I`m more comfortable with drawing other things, sorry!

Halloween themed means either costumes / jack o lanterns / candy and halloween stuff. If you want your character to be in a costume, feel free to link to a reference of said costume! Anything very detailed may add a few dollars onto the price, I`ll let you know!

Small pixel: $5 USD

Small pixel art of one character. Keep in mind these are small and detailed costumes will probably need to be simplified If you want one with no costume or just a scarf or autumn apparel, it will be $4 instead

examples: Cancerpix by cappydarn

Latte by cappydarn

Cootpixf by cappydarn


Glowy animated: $8 USD

Glowing GIF of a character. Light source will probably come from a jack o lantern or something unless otherwise specified!


HBD by cappydarn

Sooo yeah,, note me if you`re interested or comment with any questions and stuff. If I accept commission I`ll add it to the queue once I get payment! Cheers!

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Wish I could commission you for the glowy gif piece, I only have points...
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Lovely <3 good luck.
I don't have paypal but if I did I'd totally commission yous.