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||My Fantasy||


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||My Fantasy||


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Dapple Gray

Inspiration - Horses

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Clouds Hang Low

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Chins Up

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Rls Winter Tournament | 1 WEEK LEFT

 It was time to come back! and it's time for a new Event! at my new stable!   It's a outdoor event, held on the sand outdoor arena. Deadline30.Dec.2016 00:00 pm midnight (german time) No extension! Weather   - 2°C Everything is covered in snow TimeHalter - starts at 07:00 am (laterns are on and glowing christmas decoration) Liberty Dressage - starts at 09:00 am Dressage - starts at 01:30 pm Liberty Show jumping - starts at 06:00 pm | ends at 08:30 pm (laterns are on and glowing christmas decoration) Rules- Entry have to be fullbody - No faceless riders - Your horse have to be 5 years or older - Read the single rules for eve

HA- Shows

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Alerian Arena - RPG - Contest - Sales

:new: Event 1 is now CLOSED! Judging will begin shortly. I believe I have everyone's entries, but please check this folder to make sure your entry is in there: Tier 4 Prized UNLOCKED! Scroll down to see what you're winning now :la: Thanks for entering, hope you've had a great time... goood luuuuuuck -- It is a bright, sunny morning, and people from all across Aleria are gathering for the Queen's Arena event. Here, she will set challenges to the bravest fighters, to find the mightiest Dragon Hunters in all the land, and reward them handsomly for their efforts. In and around


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Christmas free drawings!

Still taking Requests guys!!! Because December is all about giving, i thought i'd do some character image for free:D So if you've got a character you'd like me to draw, leave a link in the comment and i'll be trying to draw as many as i can. Or, if you want to request a drawing as a Christmas present, make sure to tell me. I will upload any requests like these on Christmas day (my Christmas day...). Probably best to send these as a note if you want it a surprise ;) They're probably going to full body, shaded and have a detailed background, just so you know. Probably. Requests close on the 20th. One's i've already done:

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#A1840 SWS Sound of Madness - SOLD

Horses For Sale

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Horse drawing Tutorial


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Moonlight Horse Journal Skin

Journal Skin

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Chattworth Studs

Horse Stock

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Brush Fence Skinny CC Obstacle

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Birds Brush Set 1


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Stallion Pasture


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Tack template hairstyles

Horse Lineart

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Show Jumping Training Template Example

Horse Greyscale

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Indoor Show jumping arena

Stable Maps

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Top 20 horses

About the ranking It's up to you guys to let us know if you have a horse that is higher in ranking than these other horses! Note us if you have a horse with more points.. The ranking ONLY counts your horse show placements, nothing else. You may also gain points towards the ranking via levels your horse obtains through art points. JA's White Wonder - 1726 pts LS London Bridge - 447 pts Bella Donna - 172 pts Minthral - 139 pts RD's SCE The Game Changer - 138 pts N3235 Silaya - 111 pts SCE Silver Order - 103 pts SCE Snow Cat - 92 pts Reigning Fire and Brimstone - 90 pts NW Brigliadore - 80 pts SCE Lamplighter - 76 pts CT Kalaronda 74 pts Princ

Breed Registers Info

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HARPG-Collaborations, what could be

Hello friends! I have been watching the HARPG community for a while now, and have seen this amazing group grow and shift from one year to the next. As much as we all love this group, there sometimes seems to be something missing. I see many artists(myself included), mourn the lack of connections being made and feeling lost in such a huge group. There seems to be very little rpg and communication between barns in HARPG, and that is something I would like to change. Recently I've been thinking about starting a new group to help facilitate making connections, without completely replacing HARPG. This would be HARPG-Collaborations(unless there i

Horse Help

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