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(it's finally a chance for me that the conquest has been retarded to the 10th) (I found this old sketch and said "wow that's a thing I could love to do") (and I'm crazy about it) (it's like I've finally learned something from all the drawings) (that is a fanart that can talk to everybody) (that is not a boring comic) (that is me)

The story could be : Lydia has escaped from the pressure. Dispossessed from love and affection, searching sex to avoid thinking, the whole 'alpha pack' crap is too much for her to bear. She's tired of those supernatural creatures.
She just wants to have a life of pleasure and success. But she loses everything, everything she cares about, even herself : what is she ? Where is she ? What is this town that she never knew like this ?
But woods are dangerous and it's almost impossible to go out of that city : she is too precious to be lost. So the alphas catch her... Torture her... Make the princess falls to object... And the questions are in her friends' mouthes, they're worried, she's bleeding, she try to escape again but this time, she dies.
That's basically the end of Lydia Martin.
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Hi! I'm Aja and I'm the fandom reporter for We're doing a writeup of the TW fanart contest here at dA and we'd like to use your (gorgeous) artwork for our article! I'll credit you as the author with a link back to this post. If that's not okay with you, please let me know!

Thank you!!!! And good luck on the contest! :D - Aja / [link]