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Position without Form

I don't know why I hadn't posted this yet but it's a card I did for L5R a while back. I went into this a little more recently, and I plan to do some more work to it soon. There's still a lot of loose ends. BUT that being said I still like this card. Hope you dig too.

Photoshop CS3

On a side note... I signed on like last week and noticed all these ads, and my DA was actin all weird and then I realized... I'm SUBSCRIPTIONLESS! This stinks. There should be a DA Subscription stimulus because yea... we are all kinda broke!

edit: I originally uploaded an older version of the painting. This is the most recent one.
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Why the swords are in the whrong side of the hip?
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DAMN IT! You're right! I flip the canvas back and forth all the time and this time I forgot to switch it back to it's original side. I is dumb!
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I know, this sort of thing happens.
You did the same on Daigotsu Eiya, if they're not samurai oriented characters it will not be even noticed, but the side of the sword is a strong taboo.
This detail however do not stain the awessomeness of your art, and only silly nerds will notice it, huehuehehuhehu
Congrats, for you inspirational art.
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Looks like Samurai propaganda
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his is the result.[link]

if you do not like or do not want. I can this pic delete
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Is it a problem?!? I insist!!! Ha ha ha, are you aware that Reau is my boy? We lived together for a while in '07 and '08. That's awesome.
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em ah no, I did not know
I saw the comments, but I did not think...
sorry ^^'
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No prob, I got a kick out of it.
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I never understood ...^^'
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it's a beautiful pic! is a problem if I use this pic for a photomontage? It's not for a work only for my fun
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very nice! I like the colors and the mood it transmits... it makes me feel very solemn haha. Anyway, cool work ;)
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Ha ha, that's great! Thank you. I'm glad it evokes some emotion. It's easy to do a card illustration that is nothing more than a character standing there (and I've done plenty of them). I'm glad this one created some sort of narrative in your imagination.
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Ha ha, not anyMORE! Thanks so much GH-MoNGo! You are indeed the MAN! This card is now dedicated to ya! :P Thanks again!
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Really, now?
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