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This is a Littlefinger illustration I did for Fantasy Flight Games. Painter IX
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This is really good 👍👍
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Ohh I see what you did there .... very good :D
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This is brilliant!
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I love this illustration! This is the real Littlefinger, but a bit too old I think...
Annathelle26's avatar
A perfect Littlefinger! :D
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Thanks so much! I'd love to paint him again. He was definitely my favorite character to paint!
Annathelle26's avatar
Yay! I'd love to see you paint him; if at some point you feel like it;) You're welcome!:)
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We liked your image, so we added it to our website, [link] with credit to you and a link to your page.
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Thanks! Nice site! :-)
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The most magnificent bastard in all the Seven Kingdoms, I think xD
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I´m glad I found you, these Song of Ice&Fire illustrations are really something. The way you draw them, the characters have so much, well, character. :D
mane-av-vinter's avatar
Your Petyr draws are the bests that I've ever seen, you really catch his expressions =)

Hope to see more!
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Thanks! Glad you think so. He's always been my favorite character to illustrate.
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Wonderful atmosphere.
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Fantastic. Very expressive
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Great ! I am speechless ! :)
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Thanx a lot. I'm glad you dig it!
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Very cool, I really like Littlefinger :) You captured his spirit here.
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Thanx a lot! I did try! My buddy :iconrauzer: was THEE perfect model. He made the character.
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Thanx! I'm really glad fans think I captured the character because I enjoyed the character so much and tried to convey what I thought his personality would be.
Wow, this is awesome. He's a devious little... dude. You captured him really well.
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Thanx man! Yea, I always loved painting Petyr. FFG must've noticed, they like to send me a lot of Littlefinger illustrations to do :P My model really does half the work for me though. He always gave the character such perfect personality!
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thats sweet.
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