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Deadpool Corps 3 Cover

I guess I didn't upload this yet!? Here's a crazy cover I did with Liefeld for the cover of Deadpool Corps 3. It's supposed to be a play on the Pirates of Caribbean ride at Disney World. Pretty weird, but pretty fun. Hope ya dig it.

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Ugh, I want to buy this!!!! It's amazing TuT
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Found this looking up Deadpool stuff. This is such a random find (but so befitting!). I love this so much. Your art rocks! 
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went on that ride when I was very little. I hated it, but I love the pic!
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Thank you KeiganAK!
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Headpool doesn't really care much
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Is Dogpool supposed to be a Jack Russell or a German Shepherd?
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Hahaha, awesome. Love it. :D
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Everything Pool is better than everything else.
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I can't say anything that hasn't been said, probably, but I can say this from the bottom of my twisted little black heart... You my friend are officially in my top 10 favourite artists!
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Wait, since when does Rob draw characters with proper proportions? At least he hid their feet, so that can help me feel nostalgic.
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Ha ha,unfortunately the 90's are over and Rob has definitely grown. Personally I could stand to have one or two more insanely disproportionate characters in comics right now. They're just fun. :P
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Still, I can take solace in the fact that he still can't draw feet to save his life.
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lol why doesn't headpool just fly out of there.
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nicely done sir!
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Oops! Forgot to fave this too! I keep doing that........
By the way, be on the lookout for my new book: Deathpuddle Inc.
It's alot like this except way more EXTREME.
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I never knew this was supposed to be Deadpools of the Caribbean
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Yaaaaay! Awesome! I really REALLY like the rendering on the bricks and "Dogpool" looks great. Possibly my fave collab with Liefeld yet, even though it's a bit silly, nice job Mike! Seriously the foreground bricks are fantastic, imo some of your best background art, really tight and gritty....great stuff.

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PIRATES!!! I didn't even need to read the caption.
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Love the paints, but I wonder if Liefeld noticed that every single character could fit between those bars.
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