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Deadpool Corps

The Cover to Deadpool Corps 2.

Pencils: Rob Liefeld
Paints: Mike Capprotti (Me)

Edit:  I just realized that I had an earlier version of the cover posted.  I just uploaded the revised final version.  
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Ben-J-Kirby-Tennyson's avatar
HEADPOOL!!! Championpool! DEADPOOL!!! Lady Deadpool! DOGPOOL!!! And...Fatpool? I don’t know.
Champion of the Universe as Deadpool?  :D
reau's avatar
Every version of this is amazing
Mercenary500's avatar
from what I heard deadpool corps like this one is the most powerful deadpool
AJNazzaro's avatar
Yeahhhh! Badass paints Mike!
AlanSteenhouwer's avatar
I wanna see Galactuspool.
maxcrazy2's avatar
Great work its awesome
thenerd57's avatar
Is that soposed to be ultimate deadpool or something
capprotti's avatar
Ha ha, nah. A completely separate character, just wearing a Deadpool Costume.
pax112's avatar
Sweet! I'm on Deviant Art! :)
who is the blue guy poseing as deadpool
Ben-J-Kirby-Tennyson's avatar
Tryco Slatterus, the Champion of the Universe, aka Championpool.
TheJabberwokk's avatar
Zombie Deadpool!! awesome lol

Great piece!
capprotti's avatar
Ha ha, he's always the funnest to paint.
TheJabberwokk's avatar
Lol he's one of my favs in the marvel zombies comics.. actually its the zombies that got me into the normal ones lol
pantherboy's avatar
Deadpool: Merc witha mouth has Zombie Deadpool in it or rather the still living head of zombie dead pool who is the good of a tribe of head hunters in the savage lands XD
TheJabberwokk's avatar
And thank you, I now know which comic to pick up next hehe
etherealbeauty's avatar
capprotti's avatar
:) Thanks so much!
GhostofK's avatar
Less pouches than normal, especially no shoulder pouches. Liefeld really developed his style from the 90ies . Good to see, I really like the hovering U-Dead-Head.Pool. :D It's hilarious.
capprotti's avatar
Ha ha, these covers have been a lot of fun. They get more silly and random with each one.
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