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Cable 1

So I was on Comic Book Resources today and I came across this article. Cable #1. And if you look at the cover that WASN'T done by Ariel Olivetti you'll see my painted cover. I'm SO excited about this as it is my first Marvel cover so I hope you enjoy and hopefully there are more to come!


Pencils: Rob Liefeld
Paintover: Me :)
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Cable is a real man, The world went to Hell and his first concern is a kid
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awesome job XD
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that would be an awesome dad
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up for man down for woman...-.-
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The force is strong with this one.
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Savin' Babies
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:XD: lol, Excuse my nerdiness :)
If you dont get the reference, that means your normal

You X!treamly X!traudinary peice of MARVEL art
has been featured in my Three part MARVEL Featurette,
Quite obviously in Part One X-Men
Here Is the Link [link]
Feedback is always greatly appreciated,
thats my sugarcoated way of saying demanded ^^

Now... If you'll excuse me i have to send this EXACT! same message to 113 other people!!
*thunder clap* :mwahaha:

TARD GLOMP!!! :icontardglompplz:
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Ha ha ha. He charges an arm and a leg for the service too.
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good stuff again!
i have this comic with the other cover, don't tell Olivetti but i like yours better!
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Ha ha ha, your secret's safe with me... and all of DeviantArt. Thanx for the great compliment though. I just wish I was working for Marvel as much as Olivetti :P
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I saw a similar cover and what really caught my eye was the baby on his chest. Is that supossed to be his son, Tyler? And how exactly can he fight and babysit at the same time?
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Ha ha, thank GOD for the baby bjorn!
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You lost me in this comment???
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Ha ha, ok here ya go.

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oh man, you gotta read Messiah Complex! it's SO much cooler than bein' his son!!
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I will see about doing that.
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Incredible painting man!!!
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Thank You! This was a tough one but I'm happy with the outcome. :D
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congrats over the cover, I've never seen liefield look so good! How'd it feel to paint over his work? this is a really well done cover, great job!
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Thanx a lot! It was pretty surreal. I've been on the outside looking in since I was a kid and to actually work WITH Liefeld on a cover for MARVEL was a dream come true. It still hasn't completely sunk in. But there's another one comin soon! Bet you'll never guess what it is :P
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